TRAVEL THEME: (Fireworks’) Curves

The State of Maine now allows the use fireworks as long as the fireworks do not exceed the required shape or size.  The boys in the family have been wanting to play with fireworks.  So, when they learned that the ban on pyrotechnics had been lifted in  Maine, the first stop we made on our visit last August was the fireworks store.  It was like letting children loose in a candy store.  We came out with a couple of bags full of fiery stuff.  For several nights, we endured mosquito bites just to enjoy these fiery delights.


The little boys liked their sparklers a lot.
One set of fountain fireworks was called Four Seasons. This was either Autumn or Summer.
Somewhere behind this was a bucket of water, just in case.

Burn Baby Burn – That is the name of this fountain of light. It lasted for about 3 minutes.


I am joining Ailsa’s challenge with this post.  I think that the light showers make for plenty of curves. 🙂

Please visit her page for wonderful curvy photos. 🙂



4 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: (Fireworks’) Curves

  1. Images of fireworks can be tricky… but you have some very good shots here. I especially like the curvy trails of the sparklers… very well done.

    1. That I found out, Galen. If I set the shutter speed too low, I get very bright shots; too short, and I do not get much. And oftentimes, the fireworks are gone before I was able to take another shot. These are some of the more decent ones – I got plenty of iffy shots.

  2. We lit fireworks when we were kids – it was so much fun. (I guess the danger of run like crazy or chance losing a limb made it exciting?) Glad the boys got to have some fun – you got some great pictures!

    1. Thanks, Janna. 🙂 Ah, my boys are such pyromaniacs and I can’t blame them. Fireworks are pretty things – although they were scared to death of the fireworks when they were littler.

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