Motion is this week’s theme for Ailsa weekly challenge. During the long drive from Maine to home (and vice versa), I often amuse myself by taking pictures of the road. I rarely get good pictures, much less interesting pictures. I have been through the I-95 streth so many times that nothing seems interesting anymore. Anyway,Continue reading “TRAVEL THEME: MOTION”


  Softly as day turns to night open your wings and take flight to where your blossoms will find rest free of the cares with which your world is pressed then return on that hour blessed. With this post, I am joining AILSA’s Travel Theme:  Soft.  For details about the challenge and  more responses, pleaseContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: SOFT”


Sometime in late spring in Maine, while my husband and children were desperately trying to pitch a tent, I wandered about  (very helpful of me! 😉  )  looking for neat things to photograph. I chanced upon a funny looking leaf which turned out to be not a leaf when I got to it up-close. ItContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: ANIMALS”


For Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, I am presenting two photos of places that are close to my heart. The first one is of a neighborhood of white houses in the New England area which I now call home.  We have been in this area for over 4 years now after God heard our prayerContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: WHITE”


  THE TALE OF THE RED FISH POLE There was a little boy who so wanted to fish his father bought him a fish pole the cheapest one there is. It brought sighs of longing the pole remained unused summer is almost over “will I ever fish?” the boy mused. Then one day in SeptemberContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: RED”

TRAVEL THEME: (Fireworks’) Curves

The State of Maine now allows the use fireworks as long as the fireworks do not exceed the required shape or size.  The boys in the family have been wanting to play with fireworks.  So, when they learned that the ban on pyrotechnics had been lifted in  Maine, the first stop we made on ourContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: (Fireworks’) Curves”


One of the sights that I hoped to see and photograph while in the Philippines was the sunset.   Manila, Manila Bay in particular, is famous for its wondrous sunsets.  Bit it was way away from my itinerary.   We stayed in  the eastern part of the Metropolis.  There was no way that I couldContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: SUNSET (IN THE BIG CITY)”


There’s a line that can’t be crossed drawn in place to prevent the loss of body and soul and all else in between. who can keep everyone in when one is free to do what he wills bear the consequence for good or evil? Is it freedom to live without bounds – servant to noContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: LEADING LINES”