We had a lot of rain yesterday.  It would have been nice to curl up by the window, feet up, sipping hot chocolate, listening to a Mozart concerto, while watching the rain fall.  That dream was from another time.  Before I had a camera and became fascinated with pictures and taking pictures.  So while it was drizzling, I went out and took photos, my favorite photos – of water droplets on leaves, on buds, on everything.

Water casts some magic on things it falls on.  It makes an ordinary weed, or blade of grass, or bud glisten, as though it is  wearing jewels.  And that little droplet holds a world in it – an upside down world, a passing car, the curious photographer.  It is fascinating to see.  And I took a lot of photos, and these are some of them.   I hope you enjoy looking as I enjoyed taking the pictures.

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As there was no official weekly photo challenge this week, Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? has posted a challenge and would love you all to join in. See here::http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/


34 thoughts on “SPRING RAIN

  1. Raindrops… jewels… I love that. I was on my way to work yesterday morning and it was only about 34 degrees. Because it is springtime, the ranchers have their wagon wheel sprinklers on, and the tall sprouts where frozen, with crystallized droplets hanging from them. It was all I could do to remember I had to be to work on time… and could NOT stop to take pictures… but I sure wanted to. This was enjoyed doubly as a result!

    1. Thank you for visiting K. I am glad that you liked the photos.
      Something similar just happened to me yesterday. I was talking to my sister-in-law when I happened to look at the window. Perched on the hedge was the Cardinal I’ve been waiting for all spring. I wanted to just hang up and get the camera which I did, get the camera that is ;-). However, when I got to the window and as I was taking aim, the Cardinal flew away. Bummer how sometimes obligations get in the way of fun. 😉 :-))

  2. Angel, she’s the master of bokeh (image with blurred background) :-). I like all the photos!

  3. Oh I love all of the pretty raindrops & the green! Beautiful 🙂

    Thanks so much for taking part in our Spring Photo Challenge, don’t forget to stop by next week to link up your favourite Spring photos for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

  4. These pictures are simply beautiful! I can’t believe how you captured all the water droplets on these flowers and plants. Is this your garden? I love these pictures so much. Absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I took many photos and chose the better ones. Yes, the subjects are from all around the house – weeds, grass and flowers alike. That’s one thing about the rain – makes even weeds lovely. 🙂

  5. I love these! I too spend the afternoon after our nice storms, capturing the rain drops on all of our trees and flowers. I think I might be addicted!!

    1. Hi Amy. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Indeed. water droplets are lovely. No two droplets are the same, I say. I suppose that makes me addicted to them too. :-))

  6. i selected an earlier post for this challenge as well. beautiful images. got here via ailsapm’s blog. am bookmarking your site so i can watch the video later.
    happy blogging!

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