This is taken using a Nikon DSLR. The rest of the photos were taken with a Fujifilm SX-1.

I had to look up the meaning of the terms and to see how it is different from Reflection before I had any idea about how to respond to this challenge. Then I remember my son’s lesson in refraction – a spoon in a glass of water would appear bent because of light refraction. Perhaps, I could try the glass thing, but first I needed a nice glass item. This candle holder seating idle inside my cabinet appeared good for the test. It is thick, it is crystal, it is well-made. It only needed a little polishing. :-)
Crystal Candleholder
Two summers ago, I used this same glass to see how it would appear when the sun was shining on it. When it caught the sun at the right angle, I saw a ray of rainbow emanate from the glass. I tried to direct that light into a little flowering plant I then had. However, I was not able to have a good capture of the image.

With that previous experiment in mind, I brought the glass outdoors where I thought I could take advantage of the light. The sun, however, did not cooperate. It hid behind the clouds before I could even begin my work.
Refraction Abstract
Since I was having a sort of a me-time anyway, the children were out with their grandparents and I had done the things I needed to do, I took pictures anyway. I thought I would capture autumn through the glass as though it was an extension of the camera lens. Autumn through a Crystal Glass
When I had enough of that exercise, I put fallen leaves and flowers inside the container and took photos of them. It looked like they were swimming in water.
HawkWeed Refraction I found the results quite interesting that I took some more photos. Not all turned out well though. Daisy Refraction1 I had fun finding out how the grooves and cut of the glass affected the images. Daisy Refraction3 It was interesting to see the interplay between the images that were reflected on the glass and those that are inside the glass. Daisy and Pink refraction Thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoyed my experiment as I did. Happy weekend.  :-)  Oh-oh.  Pardon me for being unable to visit or respond to your comments.   I will see you, dear friends, by and by.  Promise. :-)Two Daisies


PLEAIDES (for DVerse Poets)

For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar, Vandana Sharma  Challenges us to write a poem in Pleiades form.  Essentially, it is a poem with seven lines, each line having 6 syllables.   Kindly visit the Pub for more details and responses. :-)

Here are my Pleiades.



My soul was swept away
music wrapped it in waves
mystical and glorious
melodic scales allowed
me to ascend the heights
many dreamed of and then
meekly kissed me awake.

Music Sheet


Picture me as I am
plain as a sunny day
parrying the shadows
pressing upon my soul.
Pretenses are futile
perfection is distant
Persevere. That I must.


One of my favorite places near our home is the nearby pond. There, I see geese, swans, and gulls playing in the water. During a good year, the place shows all that is great about Fall – brightly colored trees, puffy clouds, noisy birds, all reflected in the water.

Last year was a good time to see them all.
Autumn Pond
I remember being there almost in the middle of the day. I began taking pictures with the sun shining bright above my head. Then, the colors darkened. The clouds rolled in. I went home before the thunderstorms caught me outdoors.
About two weeks ago, I visited the pond. It was a letdown – the water had almost dried up and light green algea covered the surface of the pond. Some geese and gulls played at the far end of the pond, but the swans were not there. I guess, with good reason, too.
Two weeks have passed since that last time. Perhaps, the leaves had turned a brighter color. Perhaps the recent rains filled the pond with fresher water. And maybe, today, the place is as vibrant as I had seen it in previous years.




At this time of the year, these are the signs I am looking forward to see. The pictures here were all taken from previous years’ applepicking. :-)

Apple picking sign

In Tougas Farm, applepickers would be directed to an orchard associate who would remind the pickers about these rules. No. 5 is a very important admonition. The man who attended to us informed us that tons and tons of apples go to waste because of sheer carelessness.

Apple Farm Sign

…either that or the apple goes to the ground. What’s one apple lost when there are so many to pick from anyway? (Oh, in case you missed, I am being quite sarcastic there :-) )

Apple Picking sign 3

How does one know which type of apple to pick? The signs will tell. We always looked for the Cortlands.

Apple bags

When does one stop picking? When the bags are full, of course!

Apple Gabriel

The apple in his mouth says that he is having a truly great time; the frown means he is a little tired from all the reaching, and walking, and eating.