Stargazer Lily

Summer is a rainbow
of lilies abloom
scenting the incense rising
to ask for benediction
of long awaited raindrops
refreshing the soul.
Asiatic Lily

Wow! It’s been a full week since I last saw this blog.   I don’t know what it was but it seems the vacation bug hit me.   Well, it was little things – children’s activities, household chores, heat, and  plain inability to string words together kept me away.  I was thinking that my ability/desire to write poems or anything (which I really liked) was gone.  I was thinking I only had some limited words and ideas and that one day,  they will run out.    I thought that that day had come and  I was kind of mourning the loss. :-)  Fern and Lilies

Anyway, my own worries aside, I just want to say “hello” to all of you with these flowers.  They came from our little garden.    The daylilies came with the house.  The previous owners of our place apparently loved lilies because not only do we have several hues of daylilies here, but also a few  Aisiatics and stargazers.    Lily pair

Then, when we moved in, not knowing what we already have, I planted a few more bulbs of stargazer lilies and yellow Asiatic lilies.    Unfortunately, some of my bulbs died when I moved them to a different area in our yard.

Yellow Lilies

Lilies bloom only once, unfortunately.   They bloom when the summer is peaking.  They bloom at just the perfect time.  Their beauty and fragrance makes gives a wonderful purpose to that dreaded summer heat. :-)

Yellow daylilies

Thank you for coming by.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. :-)




Here is my husband’s container for his big summer thirst… :-)

We used our new picnic table for the first time.  My husband was drinking from this big jar.   The sun was setting and I thought of  taking a picture of the sun rays filling the jar with light.   It was hard to get a good angle where the jar and the light met.  I moved the glass jar several times to catch the rays, I changed my camera angles to get what I wanted.    By the time I was done, the sun had gone so low.  This photo was the nearest I got to my ideal. GoldenHarvestDrinkingJar

Thank you all for coming by.  I am having a general slow down with visits and replies to comments.  Our social life suddenly bloomed and we have been visiting new friends.    I am especially glad that our children are meeting new people and enjoying making friendships.  For that, I am very thankful.




Yes, where we are, the so-called Easter Lily plant blooms in July. The flowers shown in these pictures are from lily plants that we took home from the Church after the plants lost their flowers. Like any perennial, lilies come back at spring time. At around Easter, the plant was just a tiny spot of green on the ground.
Easter Lilies

A lot of work must be involved to grow the lilies in time for Easter.

Easter Lily sunsetThey are always beautiful, anyway.

Trumpet Lilies


You measure words by meter and rhyme
music to the soul beating in time
with the throbbing heart, full of life
of love and wonder, pain and strife.

In the vulgar, you see the sublime
You measure words by meter and rhyme
paint your canvass with audible hues
by which you unmask the concealed truths

animating passions and desires
all that in time and nature transpire
You measure words by meter and rhyme
put them together in a wondrous sum

casting a spell upon those who hear
making them smile or shed a tear.
The depths we plumb, the heights we climb
You measure words by meter and rhyme.


DVERSE is back and it is celebrating its third year anniversary.  To start the celebrations, Claudia wants us to celebrate poets by writing about poets, in general, or a poet, in particular.   I sort of put words together and hoped to come up with a Quatern.  As I am not so sure about it, I asked my husband’s opinion and he gave a diplomatic, “ah, okkkkkk” in that tone that tells me he does not get it. :-)  So, without any illusions about this piece, I am linking with DVERSE just because I am glad DVERSE is back and so are  the poets in the pub. :-)

Thank you for coming by.


Stop breaking, my broken heart
for that love that never was
stop crying, my teary eyes
for the dream that all but passed
His love was only an illusion
marketed to the vulnerable
with words, saccharine sweet
masking the greed animating his bones.
Open your eyes. That handsome face
he let you see was another man’s  profile
The life story you were told
was a patchwork of lies
all so enthralling
before your love-struck eyes
that you were confused
when fate revealed this lover’s hand -
was it a blessing or a cruel prank
to raise romantic hopes so high
and let it fall with much pain
and humiliation besides?
You have shattered
You have cried
You are wiser now
Pick up the pieces
and dream again.


This was inspired by a friend’s  story and this  warning from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.

CIRCLES AND CURVES (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

There was a light rain yesterday. Petals and leaves were heavy with raindrops. Here are some of the photos I took – I think they meet the circles and curves challenge posed by Cee. :-)
Pink Rose macro


Pink Rose Macro2


Rose Macro3


This last picture can be a bit jarring after all the pinks.  This picture is of an ex-red rose. :-)  I thought the stark black and white would show off the patterns well. :-)


Happy Tuesday.  Thank you for coming by.  Do check out the fun photos in Cee’s page. :-)

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