I took this photo about two weeks ago while we were driving through southern Quebec en route to Montreal. The fields are still empty, but ice has thawed, the trees have started to bud, and some fields are almost ready for planting.

My words fled
and joined the daffodils
leaving me with no poem to praise
the glories of spring. I can only listen to
birds’ serenades and watch flowers bloom -
and thus live the poem
words can’t make.



The above piece was written for Paint the World with Words‘ challenge for this week – to write a Triquain.  :-)

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Coming from a little blogging hiatus, I am a little at a loss about what to post. It had been a busy two weeks – there were the trip to Montreal and then the Holy week and Easter. Since it is till Easter time, allow me to greet you all a Happy Easter. :-)


Meanwhile, inspite of winter’s reluctance to leave, Spring is well and kicking.  The flowers are out ….


This is one of the first two dandelions in our yard.

I am glad that the Narcissus was planted away from where April rains pool in the backyard.

I am glad that the Narcissus was planted away from where April rains pool in the backyard.


I realized that Forsythia is my least favorite spring flower. However, it is still great to see them in bloom.

…. and so are the animals.

I did not even have to walk less than a mile to the pond to see Mallards.  Last Friday afternoon, after sunset, I chanced upon these pair of Mallards swimming in the flood in our backyard.   While the  April rains wrought havoc in our basement, specifically on our water heater which needs to be replaced now, they brought floods that these two found good enough for their needs.  The flood was not all bad then. :-)

Mister Mallard

LAdy Mallard

This squirrel finally had some fare aside from the nuts it collected in the Fall.

HUngry SquirrelThe cheerful Robins have joined the Sparrows and Starlings in the backyard.   Beware, summer berries.

what is up

These two robins caught my attention because one moment they were friends, then they were quarreling the next. On second thoughts, they could be Mr. and Mrs. Robin. :-)

It was not only the world that is having spring.  I noticed that this page got some new friends while I was away.  Thank you and welcome to all.  Your presence is much appreciated.  :-)  To you friends, old and new, I promise to catch up with your posts soon. :-)

Happy Easter to all.


This is MAGPIE TALES’ image prompt for MAG 214. Photo Credit: KELSEY HANNAH

So this is how a dream feels like – a ray of sunshine
that filters through my hands, illuminates it for a while
with a million stars exploding into dust before my eyes.
What a lovely phantasm that brightens the earthbound
and elevates the mundane to the Ethereal. Rather than
vapors, I wish for dreams that rest upon my hands
like a rose, its velvety petals caressing my palms with none
of my blood kissing the rose’s thorns. But where could I
hold the sun and be not burned; where could stars dance
in my eyes without me being plunged to darkness.
Tell me where the ideal and reality are the same
that I may find my way to that blessed place.



For Magpie Tales’ Mag 214 and  April 2014 PAD Challenge – Day 5 (a Discovery Poem).  Please click on the photo and the links to visit Tess Kincaid and the friends of Magpie Tales, and PAD Challenge, respectively.  Thank you very much for dropping by. :-)





FEAST IN THE HOUSE OF SIMON, 1610, EL GRECO Magpie Tales Mag 211 Prompt

Since I anointed my Lord
with nard from the alabaster jar
I had been subject to ridicule
from the apostles, of all people.
How dare I waste such perfume
to wash their own Master’s feet
when it could have been sold
for the poor’s benefit!
But, could anything be too precious
for Jesus, the Son of God?
Could anything inferior
be allowed by love?
I whom He had saved
from the murderous crowd
could only show my gratitude
with the best that I have.
And if there was anything
more beautiful that I could give
I would have offered it
with joy in His hands
by whose generosity
my soul came back to life.



The poem was inspired by Magpie Tales’ challenge from 2 weeks ago and Day 4 of the 2014 PAD Challenge - write a poem beginning with SINCE.

Blessed Sunday to all. :-)


This spider-web-inspired gate is a very famous one  in Bangor, ME.  Behind this  lives a very famous author and his family. He is quite famous that his house has become a sort of a tourist attraction. On a rainy day in June of last year, I was finally able to visit this place. While I was busy taking pictures, a hotel shuttle passed by to let a departing client check the house before he was brought to the airport.


If you still have not guessed the man, perhaps, it will help you if I say that on some days, a lucky visitor could get a glimpse of a little dog named CUJO playing in the yard.   If you still need more clue, the author of this house wrote Carrie  and The Shining, among others.   However, I confess that I have not read the books.  I only watched Carrie in DVD and with my eyes closed half of the time.  Also, I only watched the first five minutes of  The Shining because it scared me so.   Because I am of the faint-hearted variety, I have not read a lot of his books.

King House

I guess, by now, you have already guessed the name of the author:  STEPHEN KING.

So, if by chance you are in Bangor, ME, ask anyone and chances are, he or she can direct you to the Spider Web Gate (or just ask your good old mobile phone for the address). :-)

Thank you for coming by.  :-) For more THRESHOLD, please click the link. :-)


MAGPIE TALES’ MAG 213 Image prompt. Please click the link for more responses.


I wrote my love letter in the wind
with smiles and tears and hopes and dreams
I perfumed it with lavender to appease your heart
and let my words sing with the robin’s trill
I colored my letters with the blooms of spring
that you may not find me bland
Last I wrapped it in a bow
that only the rain and sun can make
to convince you of love’s unique magic.
But I forgot, you and I have never met
so I tossed my missive to the skies
and watched it fall in pieces
If you find the parts
and make them whole,
for ever and a day
you will have my heart.


For MAGPIE TALES and 2014 April PAD Challenge  which was to write a Message Poem.




Dark circles ring her eyes
red from lack of sleep and tears
she does not allow to fall
on her child on his sick bed.
How much weight he has lost
he only feeds through the tubes
going into him through the holes
the needles bore on his skin.
Her hand caresses his bony cheeks
her soul whispers an earnest prayer –
her child’s suffering be hers.
On her lips is a smile, even a laugh
with the other mothers in the ward
for very sick children who hear
their mothers’ cheerful voices
but do not see
their mothers’ bleeding hearts.


Claudia of DVERSE Pub challenges the community to write about a poem that conveys emotion without naming the emotion.   Having cared for children sick with common children’s cold and fever a couple of weeks ago and remembering feeling quite distraught about it, I thought of a mother and her very ill child.   Years ago, I had the privilege of accompanying some goodhearted friends in their regular  hospital visit.  There, I witnessed some extraordinary mothers who bravely faced and suffered the sufferings of their very ill children.   I hope I made a picture of them without making them look too mushy or maudlin.


Thank you for coming by.  :-) Do visit Claudia and DVERSE for some great poetry. :-)