Twinkling Grass
A star is never selfish
it lives to give its light
that those who receive it
may also shine
Twinkling Hostas

Hello all.  Somehow, the season – late fall, winter,  has gotten into me.  The gloomy days have somehow denied me my desire to take new photos and to write.  I think my limited words have run out.  I hope they get back one day. :-)    While I search for words and  photo inspirations, I do some crochet projects and  learn to play my violin again (and yes, teach my three older children their school lessons).

Thank you for coming by.  :-)  For those celebrating, I hope you are all enjoying your preparations for Christmas.   Our family looks forward to Christmas Day.  We have our Christmas Tree mostly set up.  We only need to put the tinsel in and we’re done.



Last  Christmas, my husband bought some fruitcake bars from the bargain bin. We both love fruitcake but he had not had the chance to bake some that year. So, he got a couple of packages just to try out the brand. It turned out to be the best (store bought) fruitcake I ever had. It had festive colors of red and green, as you cans see, and none of the chewy lemon and orange peels. The cake part also looked cheery with its creamy hue.

Old Fashion Glaxton Fruitcake

I liked it so much I took photos of it and posted one on my Facebook page so that I would be able to remember the brand when I have to. The said photo came in handy for this challenge. I had to go back several years of postings, and so here is the tasty fruitcake, as lovely and cheery as the day I took the photo. I have such pleasant memories of this fruitcake that I asked my husband to make me a fruitcake for my birthday – one that is similar to this Old Fashion Glaxton Fruitcake. For that alone, I think that this photo qualifies for the challenge. :-)



Icy Roof

This is a shot of my neighbor’s roof a couple of years ago.


Steep northeastern roofs make the snow slide  safely to the ground  but when the sun is bright, the snow melts slowly,  the water freezes as it drips, icicles form.   They glitter like Christmas Tree ornaments but those pointy tips spell danger to me.




Roller Coaster

I will never muster the courage to be in these angles and to be this steeply angled against the ground. My 5 year old wanted to ride the kiddie plane and had to be accompanied by an adult. “What the heck! It’s just a kiddie plane,” I said as I took the seat beside my son. What do you know? My scream was louder than any of the children’s in the plane ride. While my face was turning white, my son gleefully shook the plane we were in. Sigh!


This little rock, the best one that my struggling graduate student of a fiance could afford then, heralded the changed course of our lives. Even when the gem is round, it, just like other precious/semi-precious stones, was cut at angles to draw out its luster.


SCARY NIGHT (and Other Stuff) for DVERSE Poets’ Pub

Naked trees tired of holding up the clouds
they fell like broken glass
smashing into the windowpane
The wind howled with abandon
knobby limbs creaked
and like a drunken man
fell to the ground
The eaves shook at the crack of light
splitting the heavens with a mighty roar
piercing screams tore through the night
wild-eyed children sought refuge
under the blanket, folded in the arms
of their mother longing for sleep.



And now, the Other Stuff:

The fruit of my hand is bitter and dark
it fills me with a nagging doubt
where others have succeeded
why have I failed
why is their coffee smoother
than the cup I make?


At the Pub, Bjorn posed the challenge to use  Defamiliarization in writing a poem-response.  Essentially,  Defamiliarization, as I understand it,  is a technique that makes the familiar unfamiliar. :-)