I was asked by my friend and fellow creative, Laurie Kolp, to participate in a virtual blog tour. Its goal is to introduce talented bloggers as they share insight into their creative process and current projects. You can visit her tour post at Laurie Kolp Poetry. Laurie  is an accomplished poet. Her poetry has beenContinue reading “VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR”


Oh, those hours I spent taming the wild strings of the violin the horsehair I caressed and coaxed to produce the sweetest melody that haunted my dreams yes, those times when my soul floated with the tearful notes of my fiddling music absorbing my being rising to the heavens as of angels praising music voiceContinue reading “THE LOST VIOLIN”


The musky moon melted into the clouds envious of the lovers’ lips and liberties entwined as passion punctuated the passing night they threaded time in their fevered hands. Freely did they let freedom fly to find its home – hearts that have and hold, and hope in love lasting longer than their lives allowed. ~~~~~Continue reading “ENTWINED”

FORM FOR ALL: SIJO (From Out of Asia)

NOSTALGIA The slanting sun transported me to my home from long ago I recognized not the place nor the familiar faces What was will never again be – time has made a stranger of me. ~~~~~ It’s all about SIJO  over at the DVERSE Poets’ Pub.  SIJO is traditional Korean poetry that has three lines,Continue reading “FORM FOR ALL: SIJO (From Out of Asia)”


Man and woman talk to each other not comprehending a word that’s said. She wants him to understand her. He marvels at her stubborn head. Not comprehending a word that’s said they contemplate the other with distrust. He marvels at her stubborn head how fascinating it was in the past. They contemplate the other withContinue reading “MAN AND WOMAN”


I have long stopped making new year’s resolutions because I’d forget about them soon after I made them. That I do not make any resolution, however, does not mean that I have no desire to make myself or my life better. It is best not to wait a year before one takes stock of one’sContinue reading “SOME WISHFUL THINKING”


I am queen of a small realm where words are limited. “Don’t do that!” “Eat your vegetables.” “Please don’t quarrel with your brothers!” “Goo goo, cutie patootie.” Those words are the backbone of my daily repertoire. The motiff hardly varies unless one counts the screams and the sighs. Little children, though capable of understanding aContinue reading “MY REASON FOR BE… OH! BLOGGING”