You measure words by meter and rhyme music to the soul beating in time with the throbbing heart, full of life of love and wonder, pain and strife. In the vulgar, you see the sublime You measure words by meter and rhyme paint your canvass with audible hues by which you unmask the concealed truthsContinue reading “THE POET (For DVERSE Poets)”


THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

My basket is full of words, from the garden that I tend. They are bitter and sweet, and every flavor in between. I gathered them all, put them on my plate though I don’t really care about how some taste. I do not know how those words grew and thrived another must have planted themContinue reading “THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”


Her words escaped like steam rushing out of a boiling cauldron they hit their mark, scalded and burned one she claims to love. She bent her knees, begged forgiveness kissed the wounds, called back her words – “I did not mean them,” she said. yet even though she was forgiven and everything seemed all fineContinue reading “DONE”


WHY I have no wings as angels have but I have been given words instead to let me fly over to the stars to probe the depths of human hearts to flit about from sea to sea to reveal my soul, lift the veil from me. With the same words I’ve been given paint theContinue reading “MEETING THE BAR: VOLITION AND VELLEITY”