I flew to the stars shared the vacuum that’s their space – chaos bothered me. I ran to the woods lost the world among the trees – the rustling leaves brought the world’s cries to me. I rushed to the battlefields muzzled the guns stopped the wars healed some wounds dried some tears still –Continue reading “QUEST FOR PEACE”



I stood in the shadows, still as a rock Oh, please, please be quiet, my nervous heart my ears prick up for the slightest sound what? what could be that pounding on the ground? What startled the partridge squawking as they flew It must be getting closer, closer to my view The soughing of theContinue reading “OH, DEAR!”


I rarely go walking. I find it burdensome to walk around town with children in tow. Half the time, I am dodging traffic and the other half, keeping rowdy children safe. There is no time to stop and enjoy the scenery, if there is any. I cannot walk at my own pace. But we areContinue reading “MORNING WALK IN THE WOODS (WPC: Morning)”


Autumn passed me by in a blur reds, gold, and brown streaked by as brush strokes on canvass while the train chugged on its tracks. A black mirror snaked through the forest floor multiplied the earth and skies once and several times more. A man stood on a field still green, being chased by hisContinue reading “ON A TRAIN”


First of all, if I get to be so busy between now and Christmas Day that I cannot make an appropriate post nor visit each one to greet you, allow me to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.   We are spending the holy days with family in Maine andContinue reading “WILD WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: EXPLORATION”


First of all, my apologies for being unable to visit and comment to as many blogs as I could these past few days.  We spent our holidays in Maine and we had a busy and fun time with family.  Thank you all for visiting me anyway. 🙂 Second, Rommel of The Sophomore Slump so kindlyContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: NATURAL RESOURCES”

TRAVEL THEME: Secret Spaces

THE SECRET OF THE WOODS The woods dark and silent watch time pass by in its fertile bosom little secrets lie. Those of little children trampling in its midst mapping their dreams in this silent retreat. The trees stood, they remained the same watching time go by as children went and came chasing their passionsContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: Secret Spaces”