The springlike winter had choirs of birds trilling snow silenced singing. Naked no longer limbs got clothe in  white modesty is cool. Warm in winter “climate is odd”, I wondered then snow showered. It’s still winter Spring failed to take over the weather’s fine. _______________________ The snow that greeted  me when I woke up thisContinue reading “IT’S WINTER STILL”


Maine is second home to me.  My family and I spend all of our holidays and a significant time in summer and spring here.   Over the years that I have been visiting this state, I have become quite familiar with certain landmarks that I see during our trips. With this post, let me walk youContinue reading “AROUND MAINE”


Inky black cold blankets the white snowy ground howling wind protests – Where’s the moon quiet behind the clouds as shadows roll by. The fire glowed warm bodies licked the cold behind closed doors. __________________ The form that DVerse Poets’ Pub features today is La Lune.   It is inspired by the haiku and has eitherContinue reading “A WINTRY NIGHT”


The  two  snowstorms in the last days of December ushered in a white and frigid new year. What a contrast to the new year’s days that I grew up with!  Those days were filled were colors and noise.   In the Philippines, noise – all sorts of noise, from firecrackers, tin cans, bamboo cannons, horns –Continue reading “WINTER SCENES”


So, Jakesprinter wants to see some Christmas from us.  And Christmas is what he will get. 😉 C is for children and cookies.  They go together. H is for Happiness that especially shows after receiving a nice gift. 🙂 R is for the rising sun that I chanced upon on Christmas morning, lending the snowContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: CHRISTMAS”


When peonies bloom and robins sing, indeed spring has sprung. When the day is long and lilies are abloom, beware of the summer sun. When the geese fly out and leaves are on the ground, autumn is in full swing. When the  clouds are low and  everywhere there is snow, it’s time to hope forContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: CHANGING SEASONS”