Steep northeastern roofs make the snow slide  safely to the ground  but when the sun is bright, the snow melts slowly,  the water freezes as it drips, icicles form.   They glitter like Christmas Tree ornaments but those pointy tips spell danger to me.   WPC:  ANGULAR

AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)

Winter came in November the first snowfall was pristine falling fast like soggy puffs heavy with unfulfilled dreams. How the children squealed with delight and ran outdoors with open arms to catch the falling flakes with an expectant tongue. I watched from the window how the children danced while my heart retreated from the swirlingContinue reading “AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)”


In February, my husband and I had our annual date-without-the-children day.  Because it was our 10th anniversary, we decided to go to somewhere special.  We watched a play.   There was a big snowstorm in the forecast but we pushed through with our plans anyway.  After all, that was our only chance to be out byContinue reading “WPC: STREET LIFE”


I realized that I failed to make a Valentine’s Day post. Apart from a rather busy time, I was also having trouble staring at the computer screen for extended periods. I would get woozy from staring at the screen for too long. Today is a beautiful day, in a winter kind of way. The sunContinue reading “IN A FLOWERY (AND THANKFUL) MOOD”


Scarlet berries break the grey winter, life stripped to its bones pristine under the cover of snow beauty skin deep pierced by thorns dripping blood seeds of life. ~~~~ I am so looking forward to spring.  In the dead of winter, even the Barberry bush that I normally do not care for, has its merits. Continue reading “WINTER BERRIES”


Who turned off the lights switched on the gloom that even the breeze sang a mournful tune? Look at the trees – see how they tried to dance like ballerinas gliding in their tutus. Yet,  for all their effort they could only creak oh! those bony limbs – so fragile and weak. Alas! how theContinue reading “LIFE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW”


How lovely it would be if the sun does not sleep on a cold winter’s day then everything looks so dreary and what’s to be bright winter white is turned into sullen grey The mist is all around and I can’t help but be afraid that somewhere, there resides a phantom waiting,  waiting to grab Continue reading “WINTER WISH”