SPRING MOON (for WPC: Force of Nature)

  TO THE MOON You have as many faces as there are eyes to see your beauty is never spent. Countless songs extolling your grace have been written  and many more will be – The words will never get old Lovers will pledge forever love broken hearts will sigh under your silvery glow as theyContinue reading “SPRING MOON (for WPC: Force of Nature)”


I like shooting against the light. How I love the glow of the early sun on the velvety rose petals. The mist that reflect the light crown the flowers with little diamonds that make roses more beautiful than they already are. The shadows make the morning beauty standout. 🙂 Gentle is the shadow that cradledContinue reading “ROSE IN THE MORNING LIGHT (WPC: Shadowed)”


My old crochet project – the one featured here – is finally done.  I know, I need to take a picture of it and post it here as promised. 🙂  Just before its completion, I started to crochet what is meant to be an edging for an altar cloth.  I knew I still had aContinue reading “WPC: NEW”


A star is never selfish it lives to give its light that those who receive it may also shine Hello all.  Somehow, the season – late fall, winter,  has gotten into me.  The gloomy days have somehow denied me my desire to take new photos and to write.  I think my limited words have runContinue reading “TWINKLE (for WPC)”


  Steep northeastern roofs make the snow slide  safely to the ground  but when the sun is bright, the snow melts slowly,  the water freezes as it drips, icicles form.   They glitter like Christmas Tree ornaments but those pointy tips spell danger to me.   WPC:  ANGULAR


  I had to look up the meaning of the terms and to see how it is different from Reflection before I had any idea about how to respond to this challenge. Then I remember my son’s lesson in refraction – a spoon in a glass of water would appear bent because of light refraction.Continue reading “REFRACTIONS IN A CRYSTAL GLASS (for WPC: Refractions)”


I am not a fan of  Graffiti, but it seems to be quite popular these days especially with the mystery (not to mention the value) surrounding Banksy’s work.   So, riding on the popularity of this kind of street art, I am sharing today some wall art that I saw decorating some buildings in the oldContinue reading “WPC: WORK OF ART”


Our place is finally showing the hallmarks of Spring:  spring flowers and spring rains.  🙂 Spring is nurturing the new life to blossom to their full potential. In Spring, we look forward to the flowers, forget the weeds come with them. In Spring, even mud puddles are lovelier than swathes of pristine snow. For WPC: Continue reading “WPC: SPRING”


This spider-web-inspired gate is a very famous one  in Bangor, ME.  Behind this  lives a very famous author and his family. He is quite famous that his house has become a sort of a tourist attraction. On a rainy day in June of last year, I was finally able to visit this place. While IContinue reading “WPC: THRESHOLD”