Spring will come the snow will thaw tulips will bloom all in good time. ~~~~ We are experiencing some serious winter.  Sometimes, I feel discouraged by all the gray around me.  Right now, this is how our place looks like – The above photo shows our sideyard.  Here is our backyard – And hereContinue reading “HOPE SPRINGS”


Our place is finally showing the hallmarks of Spring:  spring flowers and spring rains.  🙂 Spring is nurturing the new life to blossom to their full potential. In Spring, we look forward to the flowers, forget the weeds come with them. In Spring, even mud puddles are lovelier than swathes of pristine snow. For WPC: Continue reading “WPC: SPRING”


I realized that I failed to make a Valentine’s Day post. Apart from a rather busy time, I was also having trouble staring at the computer screen for extended periods. I would get woozy from staring at the screen for too long. Today is a beautiful day, in a winter kind of way. The sunContinue reading “IN A FLOWERY (AND THANKFUL) MOOD”


It’s been raining for almost a week now.  Everything is grey and there is not much to do.  I am raring to do some gardening – the weeds are overcoming us already – but it’s just so wet for that. My spirits lifted when I found a surprise in  my garden yesterday.  Nelly Moser openedContinue reading “FIRST AND LAST”