“Rose for you, Mommy.” Edith’s dismay at another wasted tissue turned to smile when she saw Margarette’s rolled up paper. Inside, “I love you” was scrawled by six year old hands. _____________________ This post is a response to Trifecta’s weekend challenge : “You already know where we’re going with this.  We want you to giveContinue reading “A LITTLE GIRL’S LOVE”


Amanda woke up with a start. Shaking off her sleep, she listened. “Odd,” she thought. The home was quiet.  The silence, in fact,  woke her up. She looked around the living room, walked to the kitchen, listening. She suppressed the worry that was worming into her head. She went up the steps and checked theContinue reading “(DIS)QUIET”


Cook. Wash Dishes. Wash clothes. Fold clothes. Change diapers. Repeat. Sometimes, it feels like those are all the things she does. How inconsequential. How routine. She will look at herself, her unglamorous self, feel inadequate and descend into a blue funk. Through the blue prism, she sees her friends wearing clothes with names wondering whichContinue reading “BLUE FUNK”


This post continues THE CAROUSEL.  This is  a response to the challenge posted by SAM for Bloggy Moms Writers’ Workshop for this week – “This week’s prompt is to write what you DON’T know. Add a scene to a work in progress that requires you to do a little research. Write a story from a differentContinue reading “THE CAROUSEL – Part 2”


The hall was filled with light. Not so much by nature, but because of those assembled in it. Specifically, because of the one at the center of it. He shines brighter than the sun, and all creatures in the room reflect his light. The brightness with which they shine, however, depended on their ascendancy. OnContinue reading “THE MUSTERING”


“Please be careful.” Jessica begged her husband. “Don’t worry. I’d be collecting harvest leftovers this time. They’d only wilt and decay otherwise. This should not be too risky.” Peter replied, shuddering at the remembrance of the nearly fatal run a week ago. He slung his sack over his shoulders and cast a look upon theirContinue reading “THE FOOD GATHERER”


“Is your homework done?” Mama asked of Wendell. “I can’t do it.” He whined. “I don’t have a pencil.” “Don’t just sit there and cry. That pencil won’t come to you. Solve your problem my child. It is quite simple to do.” Wendell then closed his eyes. He let his thoughts run wild. I thinkContinue reading “THE PENCIL QUEST”