One  acorn nut dangling from its  tree gives me hope for the future. A life is a seed waiting to be Patience! the oak took years to be a mighty tree. An acorn cannot be anything but an oak tree Each seed is what it is made to be. ~~~ We spent part of LaborContinue reading “POEMS INSIDE AN ACORN”


GOODBYE TREE There was a tree, tall and proud and strong. Its leaves were a canopy from sun and rain. Its arms stretched out to Heaven while the robins sang from the safety of its branches in tune with the busy woodpecker’s beak boring a hole on a rotting limb. Branches fell, one by one,Continue reading “WPC: THREES”


It is the season, so I am posting autumn-themed pictures. I was standing in the backyard waiting for leaves to fall and hoping to take a picture of one in mid-air. And I couldn’t capture a decent shot. Then I noticed the little maple trees on the ground. They were making their own show evenContinue reading “WPC: THE HUE OF YOU”


Nothing happens around here no shooting stars ever come by to light up our lives with the glitter of tinseltown We have seasons that come like clockwork Leaves, they fall one by one cannot wait for the rest to turn and make a big fiery show for this season called autumn Snow, it is asContinue reading “RHYTHM”