Toys sit in the bins in disarray, moldy and sad the hands that caressed them are never around the mind that send them to wondrous tours no longer turned nor propelled their gears The tracks have been broken there are no more tickets to neverland Toys and child have reached that most dreaded time –Continue reading “LITTLE RED CABOOSE (WPC: Tiny)”



For this challenge, I sought inspiration from my sons’ Skylanders characters.  I spent my free time last night posing these little dolls, ah, action figures.  I had fun like I never had with this action figures before (my children would sometimes  invite me to play but I get dizzy following the visuals so I giveContinue reading “WPC: OBJECT”


I think we are overrun with toys. With four children at home, that is hardly surprising. Even if a child gets toys only during birthdays and Christmases from us and some relatives, those toys will eventually accumulate over time. After seven years, our house is packed. There are toys in the attic, in the basement,Continue reading “SUNDAY POST: TOYS”