Ah! Sunflower, weary of time* eyes the hours with suspicion they either ran too fast or too slow for Sunflower’s satisfaction When a little seedling, she ached to grow that she could live her dream to shine beneath the light of that glorious sun and to its rays, her heart incline And having bloomed asContinue reading “SUNFLOWER”



  EACH YEAR Each year, the grass creeped a little closer the branches grew a little longer It seemed the lawnmower became a little weaker the chainsaw a little duller the farmer napped a little longer on the chair by the window he watched mildew invade the once pristine walls the fields disappear into hayContinue reading “ABANDONED NUMBERS (for WPC: NUMBERS)”


Autumn passed me by in a blur reds, gold, and brown streaked by as brush strokes on canvass while the train chugged on its tracks. A black mirror snaked through the forest floor multiplied the earth and skies once and several times more. A man stood on a field still green, being chased by hisContinue reading “ON A TRAIN”

WHEEL (For DVerse Poets)

Sun froze lilies bloomed too soon winter hovers in the horizon the river flowed too fast spin the world backwards push the wheel of fortune is whirring turning turning pray just a sweet spot turning a jackpot is too much turning to ask screeching slowing … to stop…. exhale! …. at where all began.  Continue reading “WHEEL (For DVerse Poets)”


All things pass and at the end of the day I have nothing but the memories that I wish I could sift through to separate the good from the bad as though I can separate the rose from its thorns. So I go on balancing between joy and regret waiting for time to make themContinue reading “AT THE END OF THE DAY (For DVerse)”


Would that it’s always autumn tomorrows and yesterdays are all today there’ll be no worry about getting old or the children going away The breeze will ever be fair and the boughs laden with fruits the hearth is warm with laughter while chasing our earthly pursuits. But… will the the flowers grow when there’s noContinue reading “WISH”