FORGOTTEN BETTER DAYS (Jilly’s Half-poem Challenge)

Smoke gathers round the rim of my coffee cup remnants of the skirmish in my untouched bowl of cereal your suitcase sits by the door, the new leather one not the weary worn green canvas with tags from our trip to Paris last summer leaving me with a million Forgotten better days and a badlyContinue reading “FORGOTTEN BETTER DAYS (Jilly’s Half-poem Challenge)”


  The thread is familiar.   I know how No. 20 Crochet Thread, the one by Aunt Lydia,  feels like.  I know, too, how it would feel and look like when worked by a Size 10 crochet needle.  I’ve been working on this project, a filet table cloth with peacock motif, on and off for aboutContinue reading “MY CROCHET PROJECT (for WPC: Texture)”


I have a renewed enthusiasm for taking pictures.  I have been trying to familiarize myself with the new camera I got – a Fujifilm SX-1.  It is a bridge camera and allows RAW (which I do not use so much yet), Macro, and manual controls.    So far, I like it.  For one, I don’tContinue reading “CEE’S FUN PHOTO CHALLENGE: TEXTURE”