ODE TO A DEAD POND (WPC: Transmogrify)

Once swans glided on your surface while watchful clouds hovered above Canadian Geese honked their presence squirrels skittered in the nearby grove Your benches hosted lovers’ trysts and gave solace to distraught souls on the shore, gulls gobbled the feast – breadcrumbs kids tore from moldy loaves. In deep winter your frozen pond held childrenContinue reading “ODE TO A DEAD POND (WPC: Transmogrify)”


This afternoon, I ┬áread an article about how BHO’s number crunchers propelled him to a second term. That was quite impressive and scary. It was scary not for any political reason ( I have enough of that) but because it brought back to mind some terrifying stories from way back. When I was in collegeContinue reading “THEIRS FOR THE TAKING”