I rushed by a field of drooping dandelions seeing  nothing ’til a swallowtail flitted by with a spray of pixie dust. ~~~~ I have no travel photo to share, but I have photos from my (figurative) journeys from day to day.  Often,  I complain about its ordinariness then get struck how the beautiful the mundane can be.  Today, I wasContinue reading “THERE IS NOTHING HERE”


Butterflies meadow fairies sprinkling golden dust upon eyes that seek magic. ~~~ Flowers spray fragrance angling for lover’s kiss like butterfly whispers.  Butterfly whispers wake up the flowering fields into summer dreams. ~~~~~ Chasing summer dreams children run about carefree like the butterflies. ~~~~~ Fragile fading wings resolved to gather nectar what noble warriors. ~~~Continue reading “BUTTERFLIES”