Sunsets sing my sorrows Tender my heart beats Under the glow of distant stars visions of you make me long for the old home when I was young and just dreaming of now. My thoughts cross the oceans to be with you again. Written for Lillian’s Dverse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt – AnContinue reading “IMMIGRANT”


Beauty escapes the words I have refusing to be pinned down and reduced to black ink on paper. Foolish am I to think my poem can paint the soaring trill of sparrows greeting the sun. My senses embrace what they perceive and I exalt. ~~~~~~~ DVERSE POETS’ Quadrille prompt – Poem Mundane Monday Challenge 145


Your silhouette mesmerizes me It goads me to hold your face to turn you toward the light How would you compare to the shadow that bewitched my mind? Should I live with your illusory beauty and find delight in my imaginings or should I risk the truth of revealing light?   Two weeks ago, IContinue reading “SILHOUETTE”


September sun don’t let me down there’s a touch of gloom in your eyes Should I be surprised by your sad smile when there is an impending good bye? September Sun darkness is advancing chill hovers in the air what is it like to stare at surrender and the loss of your power? You areContinue reading “SEPTEMBER SUN”


The challenge this week in Let’s Be Wild is Wildlife. In the place where I live, which is an urban area, the only wild things I see are the squirrels, mole, and rabbits that hide in the secret recesses of our backyard.  They only appear when I am indoors and could not bother them withContinue reading “WILD WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: WILDLIFE”


One of the sights that I hoped to see and photograph while in the Philippines was the sunset.   Manila, Manila Bay in particular, is famous for its wondrous sunsets.  Bit it was way away from my itinerary.   We stayed in  the eastern part of the Metropolis.  There was no way that I couldContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: SUNSET (IN THE BIG CITY)”


“Great is the gap” as opening when the prompt is “Close” does make one wonder (to say the least) about the appropriateness of this response, doesn’t it? 🙂   Please indulge me a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, I will hit the spot in the end.  🙂 Great is the gap between the earth and skyContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Close”


SUNSET OVER RIVER CHARLES Fire poured in the river in streams of orange and gold The world’s left in darkness hiding beauty in its fold. In the stillness of the water the wizard painted the sky little lights conquered  darkness and watched the world go by. Light blooms in the horizon lifting the misty veilContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: Oceans”