Sunflower, bent with age, lets fall her seedsSeptember brought the chill to August’s swelter Summer’s grandeur is on the wane, and ISquirrel away its taste and fragrance Serene is the sunlight filtering through the windowShining on memories Songs and words have forgottenSolitude hovers in the horizon Sparrows dance a merry dance for the seeds inContinue reading “SEASONS”



Perhaps, the sunflower knows the secret to happiness. How else could she remain cheerful on cloudy days? Look at how she stands tall through those dark nights and rain always joyful, always hopeful the sun will come out again. What sunflower magic keeps her head unbowed? Could it be that she lives for one who’sContinue reading “SUNFLOWER MAGIC”

SUNFLOWERS (An Acrostic)

Sunshine in her eyes Unlock the beauty within Never self-seeking or proud is this Flower of a thousand dreams – Love blooming to perfection Offers all of herself Wanting nothing in return Except for Love Radiating through Shadows in her soul. Frank invites folks to write an Acrostic poem for DVERSE PUB’s Meeting the BarContinue reading “SUNFLOWERS (An Acrostic)”


Summer, soft on its skin Shimmers, golden sunshine Snared, glows in the petals Starred with velvet brown eyes. Sonorous breeze courts her Seductive dance, my arms Spellbound, embrace her charms. I think that a sunflower is a study in texture.  The softness of the petals contrasts with the bumpy center and rough, even prickly sepals.Continue reading “SUNFLOWERS (WPC: Textures)”

IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)

Sunflowers do not grow here. No suncatchers store light for those starless nights. No laughter rings when darkness sets in No smile breaks through a heavy heart inside Despair’s maw. No ears can hear the voices calling the soul out of the wilderness. All is lost all seems lost. Keep on knocking though nobody seemsContinue reading “IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)”