Sunlit weeds
How lovely it would be
if the sun does not sleep
on a cold winter’s day
then everything looks so dreary
and what’s to be bright winter white
is turned into sullen grey
Sunlit weeds2
The mist is all around
and I can’t help but be afraid
that somewhere, there resides
a phantom waiting,  waiting
to grab  my legs
bury them in the  frozen ground
with his cold, cold hands.
Winter Weeds3
How lovely will it be
when the sun shines anyway
though he, too, seems to be cold
in a cold winter’s day.
Winter flowers
He will make all glow
as though with inner fire
dispel all my fears
of some frozen spectre
Afternoon weeds

I want the sun’s rays
to pierce through my thick coat
give me the hope all I need
not to hibernate
like a bear inside
its winter fort.


Yesterday, I walked our dog and chanced upon the lowering sun.  It turned the frozen seed pods golden.  I had to take some pictures of them glowing from the sun.   The sunlight made the dreary space look pretty and lifts up the  sombre mood that often envelops me during winter.



“Great is the gap” as opening when the prompt is “Close” does make one wonder (to say the least) about the appropriateness of this response, doesn’t it? 🙂  

Please indulge me a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, I will hit the spot in the end.  🙂

Great is the gap
between the earth and sky
We can dream
Our souls can fly.

Free from the shackles
holding us to the world
heaven is a place
we all can behold.

Isn’t it true
that God Himself
closed the distance
between heaven and earth?

By becoming Man
He sanctified our breath
that by His resurrection
we may have life forever blest.

Well, I did get the sun to be near the earthly things.  That should be a response close enough to the prompt. Oh well. 🙂

Have a beautiful blessed day to you.



… I am posting some sunshine.

And because it is rainy, I think I will have lots of dripping wet pictures again, babies permitting.

I hope these rains will go visit those who are experiencing drought and forest fires at this time.

Have a blessed day, whatever kind of weather you are having now. 🙂


P.S. You can click the pictures to have a bigger image. 🙂


For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I took several pictures of the sun at around 12:30 p.m., when the sun was way up there in the sky.  It was, to say the least, a most uncomfortable experience to the eye.  Hopefully, staring at the sun and squinting at the camera would not bring a big headache later.  It was a fun experience though.  So I guess, the end result mitigated  all of the discomforts. 🙂

And I hope it is alright to repost a picture, but the other day, I posted a picture of these tulips for the last challenge.  This was taken early in the morning when the sun was just barely out of the horizon.   I am including it here because in this photo, the sun is, should I say, the crowning glory of the flowers.

Here too is another photo which I took purposely to make the sun the focus of the scene.  This was taken at around 10:30 in the morning.

Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  I assure you, they are much appreciated.

Have a beautiful blessed day.