My in-laws have an apple orchard which they planted more than 30 years ago to provide fresh fruits for their growing children. Decades later, the trees still yield fruits for the enjoyment of their grandchildren.  Three summers ago, there were so many apples that we were able to make not only apple pies, but alsoContinue reading “WPC: ONE SHOT, TWO WAYS”


Still… the very air was still hiding in the shade of the trees waiting for the cooling breeze. A metal symphony played on the rusty tin roof above me while the sunbeams streamed through my fingers as I sprawled on the mat over cracked red concrete fighting the afternoon nap prescribed by my zealous motherContinue reading “SUMMER’S NAP”


The blueberries are ripening mmm..their flavor tickle my tongue Alas! when it was time to harvest the ripe berries were gone! Oh what a disappointment! who could have pilfered them? Was it a nosy neighbor or some exuberant children? The mystery had to be solved I laid in wait in the grass and watched andContinue reading “THE BLUEBERRY THIEF”

WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: The World Through Your Eyes

It was the first day of summer, the sun was up and warm, it was a good day to have a popsicle. Here is a popsicle story, in pictures. 🙂 For more entries, please visit the  WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE. 🙂  Thank you for coming by.


Butterflies meadow fairies sprinkling golden dust upon eyes that seek magic. ~~~ Flowers spray fragrance angling for lover’s kiss like butterfly whispers.  Butterfly whispers wake up the flowering fields into summer dreams. ~~~~~ Chasing summer dreams children run about carefree like the butterflies. ~~~~~ Fragile fading wings resolved to gather nectar what noble warriors. ~~~Continue reading “BUTTERFLIES”


Summer came at last nature unfurled its colors I cowered inside. I wrote this little piece way back in June when the temperatures soared to the 90s and humidity was high.  I complained about the heat and complained bitterly. I sought solace in front of the electric fans that worked day and night and whichContinue reading “SUMMER”