AWAKENING (WPC: It’s Easy to be Green)

The hour of darkness has passed. Here I stand, bruised and shaken but whole. I have remained true to who I am, even when the temptation to give up was most strong. I have not done great things. I have not changed this world. My glory is passing down  the life I have  been given.Continue reading “AWAKENING (WPC: It’s Easy to be Green)”


Sundrenched mornings open the day sprinkling diamonds on sleepy grass as mist lifts and then dissipates puffing the clouds dotting azure skies. Sparrows twitter up on the trees, glossy feathers waving in the wind their bellies filled with early worms once working on the warming ground. Silken threads swing from budding twigs luminous in theContinue reading “SPRING MORNING”

SPRING (A Quadrille)

Spring is         overrated.        It is melting snow and dirt muddying up the ground; puny greens pushing out with their leafy might. Could I help hasten the process – make flowers bloom faster than they should? Waiting is a burden yielding its fruit in due season. DVERSE POETS QUADRILLEContinue reading “SPRING (A Quadrille)”


A bowl of daffodils by the window Looking at the grey skies and falling snow convey my prayers for a cheerful day To frighten those sad winter ghosts away That my heart may sing hymns and praises Of the wonders that each season delivers. Another winter storm just blew over.  Today, we have sunny skiesContinue reading “WINTER OFFERING (A Quadrille)”


  EACH YEAR Each year, the grass creeped a little closer the branches grew a little longer It seemed the lawnmower became a little weaker the chainsaw a little duller the farmer napped a little longer on the chair by the window he watched mildew invade the once pristine walls the fields disappear into hayContinue reading “ABANDONED NUMBERS (for WPC: NUMBERS)”


 I am a bluet a cross is my flower I am of low stature I have no fragrance, nor showy color simplicity is my gift a cross is my flower I am Bluet I am beautiful. I am fascinated by these little flowers that I am taking a lot of pictures of them (while theyContinue reading “BLUETS”


Bluets sweeten our spring visit to Maine.   It is always a delight to see the little white clumps of flowers amidst the sea of green.  It is amazing that though very little, they still manage to stand out and be noticed.  When I stoop down low to take a close look and snap someContinue reading “WPC: SPARE”


Already, spring is halfway done. It was not so long ago when I was anxiously waiting for the thaw, the warming up, and the budding of the leaves and flowers. The spring trees have all bloomed and gone and the temperatures say that summer is nearby. How quickly, how quickly time goes by. The gloriousContinue reading “GLORIOUS SPRING”