After a rainy spell, I stepped into the sunshine of a spring afternoon  to go to the blooming cherry tree near the city green which was about a mile away. I did not particularly relish walking on city roads, busy as they were even on a Sunday afternoon. Fear of getting run over by oncomingContinue reading “CHERRY BLOSSOMS”


  I hear the sun rustling in the woods stepping softly on the soggy ground She kisses the sleeping buds and whispers, “Wake up, my sleeping child.” Fire-breasted robins call in the wind as they flit and hop from limb to limb while scarlet cardinal puffs up its chest to serenade the one to ruleContinue reading “AWAKENING”


The fairest flow’r of spring has sprung from the earth, where once it was entombed but by miracle had become that fallen seed’s nurturing womb. In the calm of a breaking dawn, the fairest flow’r of spring has sprung to break the curse winter had wrought on the once desolate wasteland. And all the earthContinue reading “RESURRECTION”


The morning air was sweet with the songs of birds back from their winter retreat Atop the beech tree, I saw the blue and white of blue jays I was quite in awe to see four birds all at once Have they caught their worms to party like old friends? But then, quick as winkContinue reading “EARLY BIRDS”


If I could hold the fragrance of a rose and make it last, I would. But I cannot as I cannot hold the music that flows and calms the sorrows of my human lot. How glorious are the sunbeams that throw golden rings around dandelion puffs yet neither light nor puff wishes to stay soonContinue reading “EVANESCENT”


  Magnolias paint grandeur on the April skies and lilacs lend their sweetness to the spring air as cherry blossoms unfurl their silken shade only to rain blushing kisses everywhere Apple blossoms secrete the flavors of fall but Dogwoods with their blood-tipped petals recall His journey from the cross to resurrection.   daily post:  PINKContinue reading “THE FLOWERS OF SPRING”


He did not know what he was doing. His brain was addled from the long winter – there was no more food in his part of the woods His coat was getting dull It was a matter of survival – stealing into the orchard to nibble at the blueberry buds just before the sun peekedContinue reading “SPRING DEER”


My beauty lasts but a short time and all I have, to you I give –      My velvet blooms, capture in rhyme      My beauty lasts but a short time Before rains make my death knells chime I hope I lived my cause to live My beauty lasts but a short timeContinue reading “MAGNOLIA”