Would that it’s always autumn tomorrows and yesterdays are all today there’ll be no worry about getting old or the children going away The breeze will ever be fair and the boughs laden with fruits the hearth is warm with laughter while chasing our earthly pursuits. But… will the the flowers grow when there’s noContinue reading “WISH”


Sometimes, morning comes shrouded with mist of a million dew drops falling heavy upon the wings that only wish to fly. . Then there are those mornings when the sun shines golden bathing the world in jewel tones spraying stars on the ground to greet the unhurried steps. Who’s to say what a new dayContinue reading “PASSING THROUGH”


Consider the leaf or the dandelion wisp floating in the air, dancing in the breeze after they let go of the shackles that anchored them to the earth Would that a soul detached from wordly cares soar to the heavens as if on angel wings free from the burden of life’s vanities it  finds itsContinue reading “CONSIDER THE LEAF”


Like light piercing the darkness or a flower that perfumes the air so is a soul that is pure  and fair. With His own breath, God raised man above the beasts and all created kind. With what beauty a soul was endowed no eye has seen, nor word’s described. But in the story of howContinue reading “MASTERPIECE”


Gone is the beauty that marked your days Gone with the petals that now fade Gone is your fragrance that caressed many hearts Gone like a shadow that faded in the dark Gone are the friends that sang your praises Gone are they to chase other pursuits Gone are the toils so you can liveContinue reading “TO A DYING ROSE”


RECOMPENSE One thinks evil wins with each life it takes when all one sees is the swagger, the medals on his neck But, what the eyes will never see – the sword evil used to deal physical death stabbed his own  soul and took away eternity’s breath. He may have killed the body, caused tremendousContinue reading “MEETING THE BAR: THE UNFATHOMABLE”