She is a spider weaving lace out of delicate threads. She made love a coverlet, the envy of queens. She did not think twice when betrayed by her prince to unravel the sullied beauty and start again. The poem was inspired by this spider and my long standing crochet project.  🙂 I have been betrayedContinue reading “SPIDER”



Weaving and spinning the spider walked about on the flimsy string issuing from its mouth. This gossamer web glowing in the sun all came to naught when the rain poured down. Brave little spider builds his home again just as he will do each time his home comes to ruin. Has it ever thought howContinue reading “THE WEBMAKER”


From gossamer threads crystal beads hung swaying in the breeze, catching the sun. A sparkling canopy resting on grassy blades, this little palace out of fairy tales. Too many have craved this home’s silvery lights and too late found they’ve been locked in tight. Into this delicate web they’ve all been lured that silken tonguedContinue reading “INTO THE GLASS WEB”