I give you my heart Where you can always be home Wherever you go I sing you a lullaby Calling Heaven to your soul Burn into my heart A picture of this moment I am wrapped in love Whatever my future brings Your image, I remember ~~~~ Linking with DVERSE’ SOUL GAZING Prompt.


Last week’s challenge, Beloved,   brought to my mind my  husband and children.  The photo above shows my youngest playing with his toy colander.  He loves cooking.  Each morning, he would dutifully take out the skillet, cooking oil, and spatula from their respective storage places and put them in my cooking area.  He would help scrambleContinue reading “BELOVED (for WPC)”

LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)

Moon, lost in orbit looking for its sun, I am a gaping silence devouring your memory an altar of your absence   I am participating in Jilly’s Half-a-poem Challenge by writing the first part of a Somonka.   A somonka is a type of Japanese poetry framed in two tankas. It has love as theContinue reading “LOSS (for Jilly’s Half-a-poem challenge and WPC: Elemental)”


The overcast skies drive autumn away too soon I’ll hitch on its tail that I can leap towards spring where warmth never fades Don’t chase after warmth. It will come to you. Seasons change. Be as you are. Even the coldest winter will thaw in your heart’s summer.   ~~~ The short holiday break stoleContinue reading “STAY”