AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)

Winter came in November the first snowfall was pristine falling fast like soggy puffs heavy with unfulfilled dreams. How the children squealed with delight and ran outdoors with open arms to catch the falling flakes with an expectant tongue. I watched from the window how the children danced while my heart retreated from the swirlingContinue reading “AUTUMN SNOW (for WPC: Descent 2)”


In February, my husband and I had our annual date-without-the-children day.  Because it was our 10th anniversary, we decided to go to somewhere special.  We watched a play.   There was a big snowstorm in the forecast but we pushed through with our plans anyway.  After all, that was our only chance to be out byContinue reading “WPC: STREET LIFE”


Scarlet berries break the grey winter, life stripped to its bones pristine under the cover of snow beauty skin deep pierced by thorns dripping blood seeds of life. ~~~~ I am so looking forward to spring.  In the dead of winter, even the Barberry bush that I normally do not care for, has its merits. Continue reading “WINTER BERRIES”


Today, my second grader, Raphael, learned more about the weather. The Enrichment Activity suggested the writing of a poem about the weather. Here is the poem he wrote: ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER In winter, it is cold as snow spring is as rainy as water can go weather is so neat rain or snow it’sContinue reading “MY SON’S POEM”


The springlike winter had choirs of birds trilling snow silenced singing. Naked no longer limbs got clothe in  white modesty is cool. Warm in winter “climate is odd”, I wondered then snow showered. It’s still winter Spring failed to take over the weather’s fine. _______________________ The snow that greeted  me when I woke up thisContinue reading “IT’S WINTER STILL”


The  two  snowstorms in the last days of December ushered in a white and frigid new year. What a contrast to the new year’s days that I grew up with!  Those days were filled were colors and noise.   In the Philippines, noise – all sorts of noise, from firecrackers, tin cans, bamboo cannons, horns –Continue reading “WINTER SCENES”