The nice folks at StudioPlus 30, inspired by the new season, gave FALLING as one of the writing prompts for this week.  Meanwhile, Trifecta has BLIND as the  word prompt this week.  The combination of the two prompts inspired me to write something that has not Autumn-y at all.   If you are inspired toContinue reading “FALLING”


“You must be a writer,” said the email that Imee just received.  “Hmmm, did this, Jack or somebody,  even pay attention to what I wrote?  My  info was  lifted from the Bible.” She thought.   She was not very impressed, to say the least.  However, out of  charity, she typed in a polite response  to Jack.Continue reading “A LOVE STORY”


I wrote this post following a prompt from Studio30+ which was about, you guessed it, Ugly Sweatpants. 🙂 Studio30+ is a community of writers which I stumbled when I read Jester Queen’s post, ‘Show, Don’t Tell’.   To make a story short, I signed up with Studio30+ and found Jester Queen’s post to be very helpful.  I hadContinue reading “THE AMAZING UGLY SWEATPANTS”


This piece, a beginning of a story which hopefully, I will be able to continue and finish, was written for Bloggy Moms’ Writers’ Workshop.  The challenge was to  write a response to this picture prompt:  ________________________ Darion straightened up, wiping the sweat pouring down his brow with a grimy arm. He looked up and confirmedContinue reading “THE CAROUSEL”


Trifextra: Week Nineteen challenged us to complete the phrase “It wasn’t the first time” in 33 words excluding the prompt words.  Here are my two responses.  Thank you for dropping by and reading. 🙂 ——————————— LITTLE BOSS “It wasn’t the first time he said  ‘I’m the boss’.” Daddy observed. “That’s cute.” Mommy giggled. “I’m worried.”Continue reading “2 FOR TRIFECTA”


Once upon an afternoon, in the land of shimmering leaves – and delicate yellow weeds flowers – little caterpillar Munchy napped on his little leaf bed, dreaming caterpillar dreams. He was in fact dreaming that he was munching his own little bed when suddenly, he heard a voice. “Wake up! Wake up, Munchy!” “Ow.  Can’tContinue reading “ONCE IN A BUG-GY DREAM”