Not the queenly rose that rules a garden not the pristine lily that adorns saintly hands not the cheerful sunflower, nor fragrant jasmine but a wildflower, unheralded, unseen, I am. Obscurity is the meadow where I grow The wealth of the earth is my bed I dream beneath the stars’ watchful glow and wake toContinue reading “WILDFLOWER”

WOMAN IN THE KAYAK (for Lens-Artist Challenge #52 – Serenity)

Her arms and oar move as one Like breath, rising and falling She glides like a dream Will and body, woman and vessel a harmony the water sings, tunes out the cacophony. She lifts up her face towards the solitude infused skies – Her heart knows its place Her soul beholds more than existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Continue reading “WOMAN IN THE KAYAK (for Lens-Artist Challenge #52 – Serenity)”


Laughter sparkles like glass bubbling with champagne until it shatters and dissolves into a pool of tears fragile is the moment quickly feelings turn serenity holds them all together like a mother’s arms holding her child close to her heart The photos may have nothing to do with the poem but somehow, they speak toContinue reading “SERENITY (WPC: Serene)”


Serenity is a butterfly flying on wings broken and torn or  the sparrows  flolicking through sun, or snow, or storm. Could it be the elderly lady who lives next door and carries the weight of old age with poise and good humor? Ah, it must be a child untouched by worldly cares and still wrappedContinue reading “SERENITY IS (WPC: Serenity)”