I AM (a Quadrille)

I am sunshine I am rain I am laughter I am pain I am contradiction walking between heaven and hell. I am my cross I am my gift I am the oppressor I fight to be free. I am hard won victory over me. **** A self-portrait Quadrille for DVerse

PLEAIDES (for DVerse Poets)

For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar, Vandana Sharma  Challenges us to write a poem in Pleiades form.  Essentially, it is a poem with seven lines, each line having 6 syllables.   Kindly visit the Pub for more details and responses. 🙂 Here are my Pleiades.   MUSIC My soul was swept away music wrapped it in wavesContinue reading “PLEAIDES (for DVerse Poets)”

SELF PORTRAIT (in words)

I am no taller than a mushroom I wear a faded wispy crown God painted me milk and java baked under the equatorial sun I see through chocolate pools resting on a soggy oval plain that often spouts gibberish whenever the full moon reigns My flower is Impatiens I am Never-ending War* But blessed isContinue reading “SELF PORTRAIT (in words)”


I capture the present and sear it in memory not some image of glory, past or hoped for that lurks in your mind. I want life happening your face, its canvas telling a story through the lines and colors splattered all about you beauty, unadorned truth “hurts.” I see the look in your eyes tearsContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHER”