Outside my window there are the same roads there are the same people walking their dogs There’s old Mr. Magazoo taking his morning walk and stopping by our neighbor’s for some small talk There are the old houses with bolted doors standing on our street like abandoned forts lurking unnoticed by cars zipping by fasterContinue reading “ON THE STREET WHERE WE LIVE”

LATE NOVEMBER (WPC: It’s Not This Time of Year Without)

The sun retires at 4 o’clock in this part of the world up north The branches, shorn of leaves, sport some snow for a new winter coat Forgotten apples, still crisp, shiver in the November sky And those who neither reap nor sow can feast just like you and I. At six o’clock it stillContinue reading “LATE NOVEMBER (WPC: It’s Not This Time of Year Without)”


  EACH YEAR Each year, the grass creeped a little closer the branches grew a little longer It seemed the lawnmower became a little weaker the chainsaw a little duller the farmer napped a little longer on the chair by the window he watched mildew invade the once pristine walls the fields disappear into hayContinue reading “ABANDONED NUMBERS (for WPC: NUMBERS)”


The overcast skies drive autumn away too soon I’ll hitch on its tail that I can leap towards spring where warmth never fades Don’t chase after warmth. It will come to you. Seasons change. Be as you are. Even the coldest winter will thaw in your heart’s summer.   ~~~ The short holiday break stoleContinue reading “STAY”


Nothing happens around here no shooting stars ever come by to light up our lives with the glitter of tinseltown We have seasons that come like clockwork Leaves, they fall one by one cannot wait for the rest to turn and make a big fiery show for this season called autumn Snow, it is asContinue reading “RHYTHM”


The first aster of the season has bloomed not without a little skip in my heartbeat as it did the first time that gray streaked my dark head. Here comes Fall and soon winter’s rest. Has not summer just begun? Youth is for ever until mortality’s shadow appears. One by one, the petals fall colorsContinue reading “SHADOWS”


When peonies bloom and robins sing, indeed spring has sprung. When the day is long and lilies are abloom, beware of the summer sun. When the geese fly out and leaves are on the ground, autumn is in full swing. When the  clouds are low and  everywhere there is snow, it’s time to hope forContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: CHANGING SEASONS”


There’s a nip in the air the sun is a little mild leaves are turning yellow I think fall has arrived.   The exodus of summer clothes to the attic will  begin that with open drawers we’ll welcome  fall clothes’ reign.   Then starts the confusion of putting clothes in their places- they’ve been wizenedContinue reading “A SEASONAL RITUAL”