I. Dust settled on him, seed under the ground. II. Leaf peeled off the branch, wings spread and took flight. III. Clouds gather up a storm cleansing rain falls. IV. Birdsongs make the air paradise- like. ~~~~ Tilus Poetry, the featured form in tonight’s edition of DVERSE, is a micro poetry form  originated by theContinue reading “TILUS POETRY (for DVERSE)”


The blueberries are ripening mmm..their flavor tickle my tongue Alas! when it was time to harvest the ripe berries were gone! Oh what a disappointment! who could have pilfered them? Was it a nosy neighbor or some exuberant children? The mystery had to be solved I laid in wait in the grass and watched andContinue reading “THE BLUEBERRY THIEF”


Robins in the trees spring is near, they’re glad to sing a nor’easter came. A nor’easter came the branches missed the robins snowman smoked his pipe. Snowman smoked his pipe glared at the bright sun above robins sing of spring. ~~~~ dVERSE Poets’ Pub – Open Link Night 83.  Come and visit the pub. 🙂Continue reading “THE ROBINS SANG”