In September, I posted half a poem, a Retourne, for Jilly’s Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry Challenge.   Some friends accepted the challenge and wrote their responses, i.e., the last two stanzas of a four stanza piece.  Their works blew me away with their creativity and ability to  write a response that fitted so perfectly withContinue reading “WORDS ‘RETOURNED’ WITH THANKS”

WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)

Words, once set free, blend in the wind breathing a timeless existence; Some grow wings to fly to heaven They ask gifts for the gentle tongue Breathing a timeless existence, words illuminate our soul Memories do falter in time consequences of words live on.   ************************ When I was thinking of a challenge to postContinue reading “WORDS (A Retourne for Jill’s September Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry)”