Wherever you are Look up at the skies and remember The same mantle binds Me to you. Look at the oceans Stretching from here to there Stringing our lives like pearls In a necklace. We stand on the same ground Are warmed by the same sun Guarded by the same moon And while we dreamContinue reading “TOGETHER”


A dialogue lets souls see they have more in common than what the surface lets them see. I learned about PAINT THE WORLD WITH WORDS through Brenda’s FRIENDLY FAIRY TALES.(her blog has lovely haibun, and fairy tales, of course!)  The former runs poetry challenges and this week, the challenge is to write a NAANI, aContinue reading “DIALOGUE”


Man and woman talk to each other not comprehending a word that’s said. She wants him to understand her. He marvels at her stubborn head. Not comprehending a word that’s said they contemplate the other with distrust. He marvels at her stubborn head how fascinating it was in the past. They contemplate the other withContinue reading “MAN AND WOMAN”

POETICS: Foreign Tongues

ASA Siya na lang ang wala Kahit saan siya tumingin namamasdan niya mga magkasintahan, magkahawak kamay magkasama, magkayakap magdamag. Bakit walang dumarating para sa kanya hindi naman siya pangit hindi rin naman siya boba Bakit nga ba sa mga tipunan siya ang laging lisan – Walang kapareha? Basta! Maari nang hindi guwapo o mayaman oContinue reading “POETICS: Foreign Tongues”