Mist blankets the sleeping river like the veil to a bride that shelters her mystery against vulgar eyes. River wakes and yields her shadows to the light breaking through her still waters to draw out the beauty within. Colors burst above and below. Reflections multiply the glow of an autumn day while the river sighs.Continue reading “AUTUMN RIVER”


The old path offers nothing new. I have been in this place several times before. Still,  I have to be careful – between the network of exposed tree roots, the steep terrain, and the narrowness of the path – I could not afford to not pay attention. I am here to walk and to spendContinue reading “ORDINARY MIRACLES”


I am a hundred faces staring at me Unlike Narcissus, I am not thrilled by what I see Somehow, the faces are familiar and strange all are distorted, even grotesquely so – and their eyes, their eyes are accusing, sad, amused, angry – all at once Could that be me on the mirror? who amContinue reading “HALL OF MIRRORS”

ANGUISH (a Quadrille)

You made yourself small invisible in the shadows you lived afraid to be seen or heard your tears rocked the walls of claustrophobic nights silent, they flowed like the ghost of your lost dreams you wished to hold again but not in this light. for: Dverse’s Quadrille #17: Shadow


An afternoon shared playing roles in our game building family. ~~~~~ This photo reflects us while we were in the middle of a role-playing game:  Pathfinder.  My husband is the Game Master while my children and I each assumed heroic characters accomplishing some quests and battling bad guys in the process.  My character is aContinue reading “WPC: REFLECTIONS”


This is but one of many photos that I have taken of these swans and other pond creatures in a pond near our house.   I have gone to there to take pictures several times in the last month or so.  Each set of photos, which can be found Here and here and here, show various reflectionsContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: REFLECTIONS”


Today, I woke up to a beautiful day.  When I opened my bleary eyes, the sun was already peeking through our window curtains.  When I got near, I heard the birds chirping merrily and the red maple leaves glowing from the light.  I went down on steps awash with light. When I got to the bottomContinue reading “LET THE SUNSHINE IN”


First things first, thank you to the folks in Tina’s Picstory for the nice words they have for my flower entries last week.  I got so busy with things at home that I did not even know about the vote results until Sandra of Letters of Muse gave me notice.   _________________________________ I do not like Barberry bushes.  TheyContinue reading “BEAUTY IN UNEXPECTED PLACES”