There have been rains for the last four days. Except for the fact that the rain came at an inconvenient time – during our picnic, of all days! – I was very excited about the rain. Not only would the ground be watered, but it would also coax the mushrooms out of their hiding. ThisContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: CLOSE-UP”


The dark clouds trembled Liquid silver mixed with dust frogs sang through the night. It rained a lot during our trip. When I first set eyes on my mother’s garden, I was surprised that there was not much in it.  “The plants died.  It was too dry,” she explained.  The following day, rain poured in.Continue reading “RAIN”


White and pink dominate my week. Our respite from rain revealed blooming Lilies of the Valley and an unknown bush that gives clusters of pretty white blossoms. The chives are busy producing flowers too.  The flower buds were supposed to be snipped if I wanted to use the leaves.  But flowers are flowers.  So, IContinue reading “WHITE AND PINK”


We had a lot of rain yesterday.  It would have been nice to curl up by the window, feet up, sipping hot chocolate, listening to a Mozart concerto, while watching the rain fall.  That dream was from another time.  Before I had a camera and became fascinated with pictures and taking pictures.  So while itContinue reading “SPRING RAIN”