MOON IN A JAR (A Quadrille)

  I’ll trap the moon in a jar then shake it around so I can see the moon jump up and down. I’ll keep the jar under my bed scare the monsters away On starless nights the moon in the jar will light my way. ~~~~ A touch of whimsy for Cheri’s Moon prompt andContinue reading “MOON IN A JAR (A Quadrille)”

I AM (a Quadrille)

I am sunshine I am rain I am laughter I am pain I am contradiction walking between heaven and hell. I am my cross I am my gift I am the oppressor I fight to be free. I am hard won victory over me. **** A self-portrait Quadrille for DVerse


The waters shimmer as they rush to the shore where sun-baked children embrace them with glee seagulls screech while fighting for crumbs tossed skywards and out toward the sea A woman hides under her floppy hat her paperback romance is all she would see.   ~~~ For DVerse’s Quadrille #6  prompt