PRINCESS (A Quadrille)

Her hands spread out like wings Her feet waltzed her balloon skirt billowing and falling in time with the sparrows’ trills Her joy rings in the meadow Her face glows with a (day)dream – She is a princess The world awaits. She already is. Written for dVerse Poets Quadrille #29. De Jackson/WhimsyGizmo wants a 44Continue reading “PRINCESS (A Quadrille)”

SPRING (A Quadrille)

Spring is         overrated.        It is melting snow and dirt muddying up the ground; puny greens pushing out with their leafy might. Could I help hasten the process – make flowers bloom faster than they should? Waiting is a burden yielding its fruit in due season. DVERSE POETS QUADRILLEContinue reading “SPRING (A Quadrille)”


A bowl of daffodils by the window Looking at the grey skies and falling snow convey my prayers for a cheerful day To frighten those sad winter ghosts away That my heart may sing hymns and praises Of the wonders that each season delivers. Another winter storm just blew over.  Today, we have sunny skiesContinue reading “WINTER OFFERING (A Quadrille)”


Oh, Little Child, where will dawn find you? Sprawled on the burning sands, lost in the cold? Uncertainty is your lot Your mother had cast you out Other mothers have their own to worry about Little Child, may dawn find you safe at last. DVERSE POETS’ PUB – Quadrille #25-Dawn

THE LAST LEAF (A Quadrille)

I’m the last leaf in the tree why was I chosen to be alone where’s the joy in mornings getting colder and darker or in robin’s songs getting fainter and fainter That I’m a survivor means nothing when each breath only delays the inevitable DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #21 – Breath

ORIGIN OF STARS (a Quadrille)

 I saw my fox fish a star from the sea How brightly it shone showing its joy to be free Then it began to crackle, crumble into sparks then flew like fireflies into the skies so dark and there they’re still brightening the night. DVerse Quadrille #19:  Spark

THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)

The lovers floated in the clouds oblivious of the breeze that could make mallards shiver or of the slanting sun that made the leaves burn yellow and crimson. They were wrapped in a cocoon of each other’s arms making the public pond their own. For: DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #18: Cloud We spent a good partContinue reading “THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)”

ANGUISH (a Quadrille)

You made yourself small invisible in the shadows you lived afraid to be seen or heard your tears rocked the walls of claustrophobic nights silent, they flowed like the ghost of your lost dreams you wished to hold again but not in this light. for: Dverse’s Quadrille #17: Shadow

SWEET GRAPES (A Quadrille)

Purple grapes hang on the arbor behind an open gate their scent bid me come taste their sweetness. I closed my eyes, savored the juices coating my tongue. “My neighbor won’t see me She isn’t around.” I walked away before grapes sour our peace. Victoria hosts Dverse Quadrille # 16 – OPEN.


  When the trees are bare and leaves carpet the ground when the sun dims and cold grips your hand when the wind whistles and birdwings flap away don’t mourn nor drift about like a piteous sigh wait patiently I’ll wake up, by and by. ~~~ Whimsygizmo wants the Pub Habitues to use “Leaves” forContinue reading “THE EARTH AS SHE GOES TO SLEEP (A Quadrille)”