AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)

On butterfly wings and chariots pulled by swans fairies gather for an autumn dance How tree limbs creak under the weight of fairies picking leaves to adorn their skirts Dressed in colors they flirt with  the wind graceful and radiant to the very end. “Creak” is the word this week for DVerse Poets’ Pub’s QuadrilleContinue reading “AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)”


For want of spices, sailors sailed across the seas to lands unknown braving squalls and mutinies searching for peppers, cloves, and cinnamon only to find their precious spice owned by ‘savage’ tribes – once free, then no more. No more bland food for the conqueror.     ~~~~~~~~~~~ Mish asks the DVerse Poets’ Pub patronsContinue reading “FOR WANT OF SPICES (A Quadrille)”

QUANDARY (A Quadrille)

Should I rein in the words troubling my heart or Should I set them free? I was afraid I would be spurned, humiliated for daring! But I could also spark a better Something. I was dying to know. So I said – “I love you.” Written for DVerse’s Quadrille #40 prompt, Free,and   Rein ‘Em In!Continue reading “QUANDARY (A Quadrille)”

BLISS (A Quadrille)

There is bliss in the little things of everyday In the unbroken rhythm of sunsets and sunrises of heartbeats and breath. My heart lifts with the sigh of a tranquil sea. I close my eyes and savor the warmth your hands give to mine. It is quadrille Monday at DVerse and Bjorn invites us toContinue reading “BLISS (A Quadrille)”


a butterfly cavorting in endless summers a deer drinking spring waters soon sprinting away from danger a worm ever struggling in darkness I am in this dream my exile holding on to hope – I will   awake at the appointed hour and  live   eternal life. It is Quadrille Monday in Dverse Poets’ PubContinue reading “MY DREAM”

WAR ON D (A Quadrille)

Sirens wailed and rushed into the night fear throbbed in the pregnant air expectant breaths waited a drug spewing monster would die tonight in the dark In the zipped silence Heads rolled, but nine times more shoot up Black blood turns those it touched. Victoria hosts DVerse Pub’s Quadrille night and she wants a 44-wordContinue reading “WAR ON D (A Quadrille)”

WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)

    On the river lilies of summer bloom velvety clusters shimmering on a July afternoon like flickering stars reflected in the dark waters they make constellations as those in the heavens as the world turns they sink in their horizon only to be forever gone DVerse is back with a Quadrille! The word isContinue reading “WATER LILIES (A Quadrille)”


Plump Balloon flower buds ready to become stars glowing purple in the garden. Their dream stood no chance against eager little hands squeezing the pop out of the blossoms. Perhaps, it is not the flowers but the exploding giggles that are the real treasure.   ~~~~ My children look forward to Balloon Flowers.  They justContinue reading “BALLOON FLOWERS”


This piece combines Dverse Poets Pub’s quadrille prompt – storm – and Instagram’s @fallpoetry’s day number 5 #JuneFall’s prompt – “back scattered memories”.  Friends looking out for poetry prompts for inspiration and are in instagram, @fallpoetry’s page may be of interest to you.  On the other hand, you may find my poems at @imeldasantore.  

BROKEN (a Quadrille)

Dreams exploding like detonated bombs – that’s the sound of our prayer. Tears cannot fall fast enough to drown our pains – could they be the rain coaxing kindness to life or the glue patching broken pieces with gold. We are wounded and we soldier on. For DVerse Poets’ Quadrille prompt – Sound The photoContinue reading “BROKEN (a Quadrille)”