ODE TO A DEAD POND (WPC: Transmogrify)

Once swans glided on your surface while watchful clouds hovered above Canadian Geese honked their presence squirrels skittered in the nearby grove Your benches hosted lovers’ trysts and gave solace to distraught souls on the shore, gulls gobbled the feast – breadcrumbs kids tore from moldy loaves. In deep winter your frozen pond held childrenContinue reading “ODE TO A DEAD POND (WPC: Transmogrify)”

THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)

The lovers floated in the clouds oblivious of the breeze that could make mallards shiver or of the slanting sun that made the leaves burn yellow and crimson. They were wrapped in a cocoon of each other’s arms making the public pond their own. For: DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #18: Cloud We spent a good partContinue reading “THE LOVERS (A Quadrille)”


Yesterday,  I visited the pond hoping to catch some geese splashing in the water.   I often see them gather by the edge of the pond, make their usual posturings, then all head down to the dark water in one big noisy splash.  Unfortunately for me, they did not do as expected when I expectedContinue reading “TURQUOISE”


Last Sunday, when it was sunny and cold, we went to the pond for some bird watching. I was hoping to see some gulls and geese that I saw flying over our yard from the pond. I was completely surprised to find the pond empty of birds and instead full of people. I do notContinue reading “ON A FROZEN POND”


The challenge this week in Let’s Be Wild is Wildlife. In the place where I live, which is an urban area, the only wild things I see are the squirrels, mole, and rabbits that hide in the secret recesses of our backyard.  They only appear when I am indoors and could not bother them withContinue reading “WILD WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: WILDLIFE”

REFLECTIONS – The Alternative Weekly Photo Challenge

For one reason or another, WP did not put up its Weekly Photo Challenge.   Ailsapm, knowing how many of us miss this photo challenge, decided to host one for all of us feeling orphaned by WP and so said – – seeing as there hasn’t been an official weekly photo challenge this week, I’mContinue reading “REFLECTIONS – The Alternative Weekly Photo Challenge”