You covered my hands with beauty you lifted the hopes of my soul while we walked down the altar to pledge myself to my love’s call How nervous our steps were but you covered my hands with beauty concealed the trembling of my bones that a radiant smile eyes would see You witnessed new lifeContinue reading “BRIDAL BOUQUET”

GENERATIONS (for DVerse Poets)

We rise from the ashes of those who fell before us. Their bones frame our days their blood fire the dreams animating our souls. Look! We wear their dignity and their shame which is it? We hold out our hearts in our hands and look for hands to receive them We whisper our thoughts inContinue reading “GENERATIONS (for DVerse Poets)”

A TRYST (for DVerse Poets)

  The children are all abed, now we can have our moment. Make your dirty Martini make sure you have a Margarita for me. Let’s meet each other in the living room couch and cuddle as newlyweds do. I’ll put up my feet right next to yours on the battered coffee table and rest myContinue reading “A TRYST (for DVerse Poets)”

WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)

My disembodied head spins a whirlwind going nowhere upwards here and there cackling greets my arms pulling it down the harder I try the faster it spirals towards the sky beyond the clouds exalting at the shroud lifting from Eden’s gate Angelic songs serenade its wake A cry rose and peeled my eyes off heaven’sContinue reading “WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)”

THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

My basket is full of words, from the garden that I tend. They are bitter and sweet, and every flavor in between. I gathered them all, put them on my plate though I don’t really care about how some taste. I do not know how those words grew and thrived another must have planted themContinue reading “THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)”


How lovely is that flower, Heaven claims her as its own. Her labor perfumes its gardens Her tears make its pillars tremble for from her bosom springs forth souls shaped by God in His image and likeness to eternity they are bound prisms of grace and beauty doled from the Creator’s hands. Favored are you,Continue reading “MOTHERHOOD”


He drinks deeply of love – sating his hunger feeding a future, uncertain what tricks could time  play? So, he drinks deeply until he and his beloved are one against time. ~~~ The fall leaf held fast through loneliness, wind, and snow to have one last spring. ~~~~ For this week’s DVERSE Poetics, Shanyn wantsContinue reading “SHORT POEMS FOR DVERSE”


There was joy and celebration – She got a visa at last to the land of spaghetti and the Church “Could you please bring this package for Inay*?” friends and sundry asked a favor “My shoe size is 12!” exclaimed her brother Soon her bags were packed chockful of gifts (mostly of native food) inContinue reading “LA DOLCE VITA”