It is a kiss like no other – heartfelt tender – that began when your eyes lit up when you saw mine across the room and you came to me as though you’re drowning in need of air. Your lips met mine like a butterfly landing on a flower. No words capture the spell bindingContinue reading “A KISS IN THE SNOW”


I look at you and I am filled with a longing to hold you as you were – the infant in my arms. it seems that the sun rose and the sun set overnight and here you are- an infant no more- discovering your world on your own. And I look at you I seeContinue reading “IF YOU ONLY STAY LITTLE”


I flew to the stars shared the vacuum that’s their space – chaos bothered me. I ran to the woods lost the world among the trees – the rustling leaves brought the world’s cries to me. I rushed to the battlefields muzzled the guns stopped the wars healed some wounds dried some tears still –Continue reading “QUEST FOR PEACE”


This fallen seed is the hope of winter carrier of life in its death breath secreted in the frozen womb tomb concealing its rebirth. Mirth bides its time to spring Ringing bells peal the resurrection hymn Poems immortalize the glorious dawn when mourning veils are lifted. Afflicted hearts soar to the heavens Incense perfume theContinue reading “THE FALLEN SEED”


The wind plays Autumn’s hymn Plaintive floating in the air above the treetops Through fields Of plump pumpkins And golden grains. Above the clouds There flows The staccato call of departing geese While down below the laden trees drum their fruit against the solid earth. Then at last the russet leaves join the swelling symphonyContinue reading “AUTUMN’S HYMN”


A shiver runs through my spine The night is boxing me in Oh I am all alone The stars are distant and dim A stranger holds me close The shadows hide his face His touch has gone too cold Cold as an autumn breeze What wicked alchemy Turns love to mortal fear I am Summer’s bounty now Fall’sContinue reading “WHEN LOVE TURNS”


I stood in the shadows, still as a rock Oh, please, please be quiet, my nervous heart my ears prick up for the slightest sound what? what could be that pounding on the ground? What startled the partridge squawking as they flew It must be getting closer, closer to my view The soughing of theContinue reading “OH, DEAR!”


Wherever you are Look up at the skies and remember The same mantle binds Me to you. Look at the oceans Stretching from here to there Stringing our lives like pearls In a necklace. We stand on the same ground Are warmed by the same sun Guarded by the same moon And while we dreamContinue reading “TOGETHER”