ENVY I see friends posing by the Eiffel Tower or admiring the ruins of Angkor Wat when their heels aren’t pounding the halls of pow’r. They meet for coffee, enjoy their chit-chat spend some time shopping for designer clothes when they are not writing their legal drafts. I could have been like them. Oh, myContinue reading “POETICS: IT’S TEMPTING”


I am loveliest in May when dandelions adorn the paths I take and birdsongs serenade my every step. I am loveliest in May when trees unfurl  their filigreed leaves and blossoms wear  their finest clothes for my sake. I am loveliest in May when the bees bring praises to my ears and fragrant whispers fillContinue reading “I AM LOVELIEST IN MAY”

FORM FOR ALL: SIJO (From Out of Asia)

NOSTALGIA The slanting sun transported me to my home from long ago I recognized not the place nor the familiar faces What was will never again be – time has made a stranger of me. ~~~~~ It’s all about SIJO  over at the DVERSE Poets’ Pub.  SIJO is traditional Korean poetry that has three lines,Continue reading “FORM FOR ALL: SIJO (From Out of Asia)”


Man and woman talk to each other not comprehending a word that’s said. She wants him to understand her. He marvels at her stubborn head. Not comprehending a word that’s said they contemplate the other with distrust. He marvels at her stubborn head how fascinating it was in the past. They contemplate the other withContinue reading “MAN AND WOMAN”


The alchemist’s orb sinking in the horizon leaves a  golden path. Road always taken though familiar as one’s hands has its enchantment. ~~~~~~~ The pictures where taken from our backyard as the sun was setting. The glow of the sun imparted its light on the familiar things under my feet and made them a littleContinue reading “WILD WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: OVERLOOKED”


PUPPY LOVE She was on the cusp of womanhood awaking to the magic of young love which she thought she could have if not for an overly protective father her own personality or appearance besides. There was a young man who lived next door She wanted to have his attention and some more She waitedContinue reading “POETICS: THE ANECDOTE”