Summer, soft on its skin Shimmers, golden sunshine Snared, glows in the petals Starred with velvet brown eyes. Sonorous breeze courts her Seductive dance, my arms Spellbound, embrace her charms. I think that a sunflower is a study in texture.  The softness of the petals contrasts with the bumpy center and rough, even prickly sepals.Continue reading “SUNFLOWERS (WPC: Textures)”


  BRIDGE Because love suffocates behind closed walls, it dares bare its very soul and brave heartaches so love can bridge the barriers fear built among hearts and bring healing Grace to all. ***** The poem is a pleiades, essentially a poem with seven lines that begins with the same letter and  with six syllablesContinue reading “AN OLD COUNTRY FOOTBRIDGE”


Come, breathe of my fragrance caressing daylight’s breeze Cradle my velvet skin close to your heart, let my chaste lips soothe your spirit Color us lilac while comely spring sustains me.       DVERSE Poets’ Pub: Open Link Night  #197 I am in internet Lalaland right now so I apologize in advance ifContinue reading “CHARMER”

PLEAIDES (for DVerse Poets)

For DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar, Vandana Sharma  Challenges us to write a poem in Pleiades form.  Essentially, it is a poem with seven lines, each line having 6 syllables.   Kindly visit the Pub for more details and responses. 🙂 Here are my Pleiades.   MUSIC My soul was swept away music wrapped it in wavesContinue reading “PLEAIDES (for DVerse Poets)”