Magnolias paint grandeur on the April skies
and lilacs lend their sweetness to the spring air
as cherry blossoms unfurl their silken shade
only to rain blushing kisses everywhere
Apple blossoms secrete the flavors of fall
but Dogwoods with their blood-tipped petals recall
His journey from the cross to resurrection.


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DVerse Poets’ Pub LIST Poem prompt 

PINK TULIP (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink)

pink tulipThe garden is her ballroom
where she dances a dainty minuet
bobbing and turning
in her velveteen skirt.
How the sun beams at her
admiring her grace
while she blushes like a princess
meeting the eyes of her prince.
She shimmered and she danced
until she gave her final bow
in the midnight hour, sweet memories
into my heart she bestowed.



pink tulip 2cees-fun-foto

ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge

My spring countdown continues with this flower post… 🙂


Cee’s challenge this week is any color we want.  I chose pink – for the Adelfa that I saw in Roger Williams Conservatory during our anniversary outing.  This flower is special to me – we had a tall plant when I was growing up.  It reminded me of our little home and garden which we worked on on Sundays after we got out of Mass.  Adelfas are pretty and emit a heady fragrant scent.  Too bad, the plant had to go when we had our little house torn down and had a bigger one built on our lot.

Today, I found out too that our Adelfa is also known as Oleander in other parts of the world.  Perhaps, it is the name that this pretty flower goes by in this part of the world.  After all, I remember a Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford movie bearing that name.

One other useful thing, Adelfa is a medicinal plant.  Please check out this link in case you are interested. 🙂

I am joining Cee’s party.  Please click the logo to see what colors are showing and telling. 🙂


Have a beautiful blessed day to you. 🙂


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Please pardon me if I go overboard with the peony pictures.   Peonies are just plain lovely and I like them a lot.  All flowers are beautiful but peonies are special because they are big yet  delicate;  they are showy; and they are fragrant.  Their only downside is that they bloom only once.

As soon as I had a place to plant, I planted peonies.  I remember being quite scared about planting my first bareroot plants.  I watched videos.  I looked for online instructions.   I was glad when the fist sprouts came out.  And I was more than glad to know that these plants are so low maintenance.  Once they get established, they get going.   They did not even mind that I planted them in full sun, not in partial sun as recommended.

Now I have 5 bushes in the garden.  Four of them are flowering (though I might not see the other blooms because  I will be on a little holiday).  I recently bought another bareroot plant.  Silly me.  I have forgotten to  plant it.   Maybe because, I do not know where to stick it anymore.  I suppose I can strip more lawn to make more garden.  I don’t think my Betterhalf will be thrilled about that though. 🙂

The flowers shown here are from one of the bushes.  The plant was supposed to be White Peony.  However, as you can see, these flowers are pale pink.  They do, however, turn white as they soak up the sun and  go further along.  Some inner petals will also show a red stripe.

The pictures were taken over several days.  I had a field day today after the rain.  Peonies and raindrops are just pretty, I think.

Thank you for visiting and viewing the pictures.   I hope you enjoyed looking at them as I enjoyed taking the pictures. 🙂

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Have a beautiful blessed day.