This morning, yesterday’s snow glistened under the rising sun, and autumn berries bowed beneath their icy crown. A cardinal from the treetop sang filled with color the bare winterscape my spirit danced to the glorious sound From tree to tree, little sparrows chirped the consecration of this new day; Their carefree joy let no oneContinue reading “THIS MORNING”


The dips and arcs of a bumblebee’s flight The curve of a blade of grass laden with dewdrops The twirl of tendrils adorning pea and watermelon vines My pen traces Its gel ink glides Smoothly tracing the lines and curls Now a flower Or a butterfly Morphing into words Building a poem Until the onceContinue reading “DOODLES”


It is hard to believe that it is summer here in Maine where we are right now. At night, I long for the sweater that I did not bring with me. In the morning, I was looking for the sunrise that normally wakes us up at 5:00 a.m. in the thick mist hides the surroundingContinue reading “RAINDROPS (B&W)”