ENNUI (for DVerse Poets)

Dirge flowed from her violin dark clouds pooled in her heart some mean spirit stole her metronome she only hears her body’s clock sounding the call of her passing dreams – the Love that will complete her heart a babe cradled in her arms for whom she’ll sacrifice her art. Oh how she wished toContinue reading “ENNUI (for DVerse Poets)”


SHAMISEN In the corner of a busy street and the public square she strummed her shamisen inviting the harried passerby to live in another time. Who heeds the call of her three-stringed guitar everyone is hurrying after his own star with those few moments in his hand could he even dare spare a second toContinue reading “WPC: COMMUNITY”


I heard it the opening notes of Ode to Joy and I walked, tracing the sound my feet as though growing wings with each step the music lifted me up bit by bit until I lose sense of my ground and my soul floats into the heavens rides the waves of joy and sorrow failureContinue reading “UPON HEARING ODE TO JOY”


Layers of petals yield beauty as rose …. of notes yield beauty as music ….of leaves  yield beauty as written words.   This last photo here is included upon the request of my sons who enjoyed the image that the folded pages made – eyes, big eyes. :-0 Thank you for coming by.  For moreContinue reading “WPC: LAYERS”


There’s a language that speaks to all though only a few command it well an alphabet of eight notes all weighed in a scale needing no words – an infant knows he’s loved by the sound of his mother’s lullaby. Listen to Mancini command the notes with his baton as a wizard wields  his staffContinue reading “MUSIC”


Oh, those hours I spent taming the wild strings of the violin the horsehair I caressed and coaxed to produce the sweetest melody that haunted my dreams yes, those times when my soul floated with the tearful notes of my fiddling music absorbing my being rising to the heavens as of angels praising music voiceContinue reading “THE LOST VIOLIN”

ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)

It’s been a long time since I posted a musical video here.  Well, I guess I’ve been too busy to listen, really listen to anything.  Today, I have an easier afternoon (my husband brought the younger boys with him to the office) and so, I found my hands free and able to focus.  I sawContinue reading “ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)”


I used that phrase in a little poem that I wrote following a DVERSE POETS PUB prompt.   I thank the friends who liked that phrase, and of course, all of you who visited and commented. 🙂  However, I would not have conceived of it had I not seen something that closely resembled butterflies dancingContinue reading “BUTTERFLIES DANCING ON PIANO KEYS”