When I read Jake’s theme for this week’s Sunday Post,  I immediately knew what I wanted to share.  For months now, I have been thinking of compiling in one place  the photos  of the birthday cakes that we have so far made for our children.

Neither my husband nor I is a cake maker.  My husband is an excellent baker, but he has never made the cakes that our children, at least the older two, have asked of us for their birthdays.   I, on the other hand, came into the marriage without any cooking skills, mush less baking skills.   When I was single, I was used to eating instant food, or if not that, restaurant and fast food food.  I considered the latter gourmet then (at least compared to my instant noodle fare). 😉

In our family, we do not  have fancy birthday parties.  I grew up without any birthday party while my husband grew up celebrating his birthdays with family cooked meals and home made birthday cakes.  That is the custom that we observe in our family now.   For the first two birthdays of any of our children, we make him a simple round cake.   When he turns three, he could request for a fancier cake.   Of course  then, we had no idea how fancy our boys’ choices would be.  The first boy was  so enamored with trains that for his third birthday, he asked for a train cake.  We thought it would be easy considering that we got a mould for a train cake.  Little did we know that decorating the little cakes could be so tedious.  However, that started the outrageous cake requests that we had to fill.

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As you may have guessed from the pictures, none of the cakes were ever of delicate batter.  We needed a cake that could handle the wear and tear and abuse that we heaped on the cakes. 🙂 Taste and flavor had to give way to structural integrity.   The pound cakes that we used for these birthday cakes were tasty but after they have been cut up and well, crumbled, they oftentimes lose a little of their flavor.  Fortunately, the celebrants did not mind.  Neither did we.  The joy that lit up the eyes of each boy upon seeing his cake was well worth the effort that my husband and I usually pour into the making of these ‘masterpieces’.   We have learned so much about cake-making the past few years and will definitely learn some more as the younger ones start making their own requests.

Thank you for coming by.  A blessed and happy weekend to you.  🙂

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