I rarely go walking. I find it burdensome to walk around town with children in tow. Half the time, I am dodging traffic and the other half, keeping rowdy children safe. There is no time to stop and enjoy the scenery, if there is any. I cannot walk at my own pace. But we areContinue reading “MORNING WALK IN THE WOODS (WPC: Morning)”


The mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed: because his commiserations have not failed. They are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness. ~Lamentations 3: 22-23, Douay-Rheims Mornings find my hands fold in prayer of gratitude for the night that was over; of hope for the coming day uncertain in its dawning whileContinue reading “INTO THE LIGHT”


Morning is beautiful not for the sun lighting up the grey sky nor for the dew glittering like diamonds on gossamer gowns It is beautiful not for the songs that break the silence of the night accompanied by the beats of wings raring to take flight No. Even when there are no such delights MorningContinue reading “MORNING IS BEAUTIFUL”

MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

The Angels tossed kisses on the grass last night while the moon bathed the ground with its silvery light and while the world was asleep God gathered them all and strung them into gems to wrap His gift of a new dawn. The other night, our family camped in my in-laws backyard.  The sun floodingContinue reading “MORNING DEW (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)”


Heaven’s splendor stars, melted, on the ground Night’s gift to Day. Dawn diffusing light smile opening  sleepy eyes glorious beginnings.   ~~~ For more GOOD MORNINGS, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge. 🙂   Thank you for coming by.  I hope you have a pleasant day. 🙂


Mornings find me waiting on the sky my heart exalting with glorious joy as I catch its dew with my cupped palms and soak in the light of the rising sun. Then I’ll rest content all through the day whispering cheer to those who come my way – the wind caressing my expectant face theContinue reading “BLADE OF GRASS”